Computer Technology (CMPT)

(CIP Code 110301)

69 Semester Hours

The Computer Technology Associate Degree in Applied Science program provides students with the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to use state-of-the-art computer systems to solve business and information systems related problems. The program focuses on problem-solving and decision-making using microcomputers and associated technology. The curriculum includes three distinct concentrations consisting of advanced courses in the areas of programming, web development, and networking. These advanced courses allow students to choose a specific career path in the information systems field.

The utilization of popular microcomputer word processing, database, spreadsheet, and specialized software packages is required for successful completion of the microcomputer courses. Programming courses in Visual BASIC, COBOL, Java, C#, XNA, PHP,, JavaScript, and Silverlight are also included in the curriculum. To complement the language development courses, students must successfully complete studies in operating systems, Internet communications, database design and management, and computer systems management. Upper-level courses in the curriculum include both the theory and hands-on application of data communications technology, local area networks (LANs), programming, web development, and systems analysis and design procedures. Authorized certification course materials (MOS, Network+, A+, MTA, OCA, MCTS, MCITP, and CCNA) are used in a variety of the courses. Students are encouraged to obtain appropriate professional certifications.

Career opportunities include computer operator, hardware/software technician, application programmer, programmer/analyst, network manager, network administrator, applications specialist, web specialist, end-user support technician or help-desk specialist.

General Education Core Requirements - 15 Credit Hours

ENG 101 English Composition I

MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra


MAT 110 College Algebra

SPC 205 Public Speaking

------ Humanities/Fine Arts Elective

------ Social/Behavioral Science Elective

Developmental Courses

This program of study requires that all developmental courses must be completed prior to graduation. These developmental courses may or may not be prerequisites to courses required in the program. Developmental courses are determined by placement tests taken at the time of admission into the College. The developmental courses are MAT 031, MAT 032, RDG 032, and ENG 032. These courses do not count for credit in any program of study.

courses required to complete this program

Following is a list of courses required to complete this program. Since some courses are offered once a year, courses should be taken in the following sequence in order to complete the program in a timely manner:


COL 105 Freshman Seminar 303

CPT 101 Introduction to Computers 303

CPT 168 Programming Logic and Design 303

CPT 209 Computer Systems Management 303

MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra 303


MAT 110 College Algebra



ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 303

CPT 174 Microcomputer Spreadsheets 303

CPT 176 Microcomputer Operating Systems 303

CPT 236 Introduction to Java Programming 303

ENG 101 English Composition I 303



CPT 172 Microcomputer Database 303

CPT 237 Advanced Java Programming 303

IST 220 Data Communications 303

IST 226 Internet Programming 303



IST 245 Local Area Networks 303

SPC 205 Public Speaking 303

------ Departmental Approved Elective303

------ Departmental Approved Elective303

------ Social/Behavioral Science Elective303



CPT 264 Systems and Procedures 303

------ Departmental Approved Elective303

------ Departmental Approved Elective303

------ Humanities/Fine Arts Elective303



69069Program Total


This program is aligned with the following career cluster: Information Technology

Departmental Approved Electives

Programming and Web Development:

CPT 188 Mobile App Development

CPT 237 Advanced Java Programming

CPT 242 Database

CPT 240 Internet Programming with Databases

CPT 283 PHP Programming I


IST 201 Cisco Internetworking Concepts

IST 202 Cisco Router Configuration

IST 203 Advanced Cisco Router Configuration

IST 204 Cisco Troubleshooting

IST 253 LAN Service and Support

Special Topic Courses:

CPT 208 Special Topics in Computer Technology

CPT 280 SCWE in Computer Technology

IST 291 Fundamentals of Network Security I


CPT 282 Information Systems Security

IST 110 Introduction to Cyberspace and Cybersecurity

IST 111 Introduction to Cybersecurity Processes and Technologies

IST 220 Data Communications

IST 267 Network Vulnerability Assessment

IST 269 Digital Forensics

IST 285 Cybersecurity Capstone

Humanities/Fine Arts Electives listed under the General Education Courses in your current catalog.

Program Contact

Pritchard, Richard Department Chair, Information Technology