Basic Machining and CNC Fundamentals Certificate (BCNC)

(CIP Code 480501)

32 Semester Hours

The Basic Machining and CNC Fundamentals Certificate develops skills in basic machining and computer numerical control (CNC) operations. Because of the fast-growing nature of industrial technology, those who have developed skills in CNC operations are always in demand. CNC operators usually enjoy security as well as good wages. This program teaches the student to take metal and cut, drill, and shape it into useful components. CNC opportunities abound, including the following types of positions: machine shop apprentice, tool room machinist apprentice, maintenance machinist, production machine operator, tool and die apprentice, machinery sales and service, and CNC operator. Students may also earn credentials through NIMS.

This program is available during the day and evening.

The Basic Machining and CNC Fundamentals program is accredited by the National Institute for Metal Working Skills (NIMS).

Developmental Courses

This program of study requires that all developmental courses must be completed prior to graduation. These developmental courses may or may not be prerequisites to courses required in the program. Developmental courses are determined by placement tests taken at the time of admission into the College. The developmental courses are MAT 013 and RWR 032. These courses do not count for credit in any program of study.

courses required to complete this program

Following is a list of courses required to complete this program. Since some courses are offered once a year, courses should be taken in the following sequence in order to complete the program in a timely manner:


COL 105 Freshman Seminar 303

CPT 102 Basic Computer Concepts 303

EGT 106 Print Reading and Sketching 303

MTT 111 Machine Tool Theory and Practice I 563

MTT 249 Introduction to CAM 303



MAT 155 Contemporary Mathematics 303

MTT 112 Machine Tool Theory and Practice II 563

MTT 252 CNC Setup and Operations 433



MTT 253 CNC Programming and Operations 361

MTT 258 Machine Tool CAM 332



352427Program Total


This program is aligned with the following career cluster: Manufacturing

Program Contact

Humphries, Ladell Machine Tool-Academic Program Manager