Central Carolina Connect_FINAL_Large Using synchronous video and distance learning to expand access to education, technology, and health-related services to Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, and Sumter communities.

Connect classes use technology to connect one or more classrooms in different locations. Note: The instructor for the course may be in a different location.

Connect classes can save time and money! Students register by location – choosing the most convenient location and reducing travel.

Connect classes can be offered for smaller number of students at one or more locations giving more opportunities for students at outreach sites.

Connect classes are taught in classrooms with computers so that students can access the internet and D2L for document sharing, assignments, communication, and more!

Connect class search:
Sections beginning with a “V” = Connect Synchonous Video

For the most up-to-date list of online/hybrid course offerings, use the “Class Schedule Search” below. Follow these steps to search for online and hybrid courses:

  • Semester Button: Click on the red button to indicate which semester you would like to search. Continue your search by filling out the form below.
  • Subject: Click on subject of interest. To select more than one subject, press and hold the Control key on a PC or the Command key on a Mac while clicking on the subject.
  • Course Number: If known, enter the course number; or enter 1 to view all 100 level courses or 2 for all 200 level courses. Otherwise, leave field empty to view all.
  • Title: Leave this field blank.
  • Schedule Type: Choose Connect Synchonous Video.
  • Credit Range: Leave this field blank.
  • Campus: Leave this field set to All.
  • Part of Term: Choose from Full Term or Minimester options.
  • Instructor: Leave this field set to All.
  • Start and End Time, and Days: Leave these fields blank.
  • Class Search: After selecting options, click “Class Search” at bottom.

Connect classes are made possible in part through the Department of Agriculture’s
2017 Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program administered by the Rural Utilities Service.