No-cost Tuition? Yes!

Tuition and required fees are covered for South Carolina residents enrolling at Central Carolina Technical College for the fall 2022 semester. Students may choose from more than 50 programs, offered in a variety of flexible course and scheduling options, that lead to rewarding careers. See if you qualify! Requirements for each semester are listed below.

Fall 2022 Semester Information & Requirements

Requirements to qualify for the No-Cost Tuition Initiative

  • Must be a South Carolina resident.
  • Must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA from previous academic year if previously received funds.
  • Must complete a 2022- 2023 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) .
  • Must complete the No-Cost Tuition Affidavit.
  • Must have declared an eligible academic program of study.

Who does not qualify for the No-Cost Tuition Initiative

  • Dual Enrollment students.
  • Transient students (students who have a home college and are visiting students at CCTC to take a few classes).
  • Students who have not declared an academic program of study.
  • Students who are not residents of South Carolina (out-of-state students).

What does the No-Cost Tuition Initiative cover?

  • Tuition as long as all eligibility requirements have been met (see above).
  • Note: all eligible aid, to include LIFE, PELL, SCWINS, Lottery Tuition Assistance, Foundation Scholarships, Central Carolina Scholars, etc. will be disbursed to the student’s account first; any remaining tuition charges will be covered by the No-Cost Tuition Initiative as long as all other eligibility requirements have been met (see above).
  • Fees that are covered include course fees and technology fees.
  • The No-Cost Tuition Initiative does not cover inclusive access fees, textbooks or supplies.

No-Cost Tuition Affidavit

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Academic Year(Required)

Workforce Scholarships for the Future covers tuition and fees after applying all other scholarships and grants for South Carolina residents (adults and recent high school graduates) enrolled in a qualified program. Award amounts may be adjusted or canceled due to changes in enrollment or the availability of funds. If I am a credit student, I understand that I must achieve and maintain a 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) for any renewal award(s).
I certify that I am or that I will complete one of the following requirements:(Required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my account still show a balance?

The business office will apply the No-Cost Tuition waiver to your account once all other financial aid has been applied. This will occur by the end of November 2022 for the fall 2022 semester.

How many hours do I need to be enrolled in to qualify for the No-Cost Tuition Initiative?

Students must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour in order to qualify for the No-Cost Tuition Initiative.

Which academic programs are eligible?

Summer 2022 Semester programs that are eligible:
  • Automotive Technology (Certificate)
  • Automotive Diagnostic Technology (Certificate)
  • Basic Air Conditioning and Heating (Certificate)
  • Advanced Air Conditioning and Heating (Certificate)
  • Basic Machining and CNC Fundamentals (Certificate)
  • Advanced CNC Programming (Certificate)
  • Engineering Design Technology (Associate Degree)
  • Mechatronics Fundamentals (Certificate)
  • Basic Mechatronics Technology (Certificate)
  • Advanced Mechatronics Technology (Certificate)
  • Welding (Certificate)
  • Pipe Welding (Advanced Certificate)
  • Accounting (Associate Degree)
  • Accounting Specialist (Certificate)
  • Computer Technology (Associate Degree)
  • Computer Specialist (Certificate)
  • Cybersecurity (Certificate)
  • Entrepreneurship/Small Business 
  • Management (Associate Degree)
  • Marketing and Sales for Small Business (Certificate)
  • Office Management (Certificate)
  • Supervision and Leadership Foundations (Certificate)
  • Police Pre-Academy Training (Certificate)
  • Criminal Justice Technology (Associate Degree)
  • Early Care and Education (Associate Degree)
  • Early Childhood Development (Certificate)
  • Infant and Toddler Care (Certificate)
  • Child Care Assistant (Certificate)
  • Human Services (Associate Degree)
  • Human Services (Certificate)
  • Gerontology (Certificate)
  • Paralegal (Associate Degree)
  • Pre-Nursing Preparatory (Certificate)
  • Nursing (ADN) (NURS) (Associate Degree)
  • Nursing (LPN to ADN Option) (Associate Degree)
  • Medical Assisting (Diploma)
  • Medical Record Coding (Certificate)
  • Inpatient Medical Coding (Certificate)
  • Pharmacy Technician (Certificate)
  • Surgical Technology (Associate Degree)
  • Environmental Engineering Technology (Associate Degree)
  • Environmental, Health & Safety (Certificate)
  • Wastewater Operator (Certificate)
  • Water Operator (Certificate)
  • Natural Resources Management (Associate Degree)

Fall 2022 semester programs that are eligible:

All academic programs are eligible for the No-Cost Tuition Initiative, to include Associate in Arts and Associate in Science programs.

What is the GPA Requirement?

For fall 2022 semester, a cumulative 2.0 GPA is required from previous academic year if you have received funding previously.

Do I have to complete the No-Cost Tuition Affidavit?

Yes. In order to qualify for the No-Cost Tuition Initiative, you must complete the No-Cost Tuition Affidavit.

What qualifies for the financial literacy course?

CCTC has teamed up with Inceptia, a private, nonprofit organization, to provide online financial education to help you gain important knowledge about the basics of personal money management. You’ll have access to videos, tools, articles, calculators and much more. The quick start guide below will help you set up your account and begin exploring all that Financial Avenue has to offer. Financial Avenue’s Login Instructions (Access Code: xkjr72).

Alternatives that also qualify for financial literacy:

  • College 105 course
  • TRIO program
  • Student Loan Recipient
  • Course for personal finances

What qualifies for employment status?

  • Part-time employment
  • Full-time employment
  • Work Study program
  • Internship
  • Apprenticeship
  • Any form of paid employment

Is documentation required for the No-Cost Tuition Affidavit?

No. Documentation is not required for filling out the No-Cost Tuition Affidavit.

Do I need to complete a new FAFSA?

If you have already completed the 2022-2023 FAFSA for the fall term, you do not need to complete a new one.

Does my student loan pay for the tuition or will I receive 100% of the loan?

The No-Cost Tuition Initiative will cover the cost of the tuition and course fees and your loan will need to pay for the remaining charges on your account, such as inclusive access fees.

Will the No-Cost Tuition Initiative be extended for future semesters?

At this time, the No-Cost Tuition Initiative will not be extended beyond the fall 2022 semester.

Can I still use a payment plan for my textbooks?

Yes. Payment plans can still be used to pay for your textbooks or inclusive access fees.

For more information, contact:

Admissions – 803.778.7812 |

Financial Aid – 803.778.7850 |