CENTRALGO- Central Carolina Technical College’s Vlog

By Nicole Ouellette

In today’s digital world, with the majority of people being visual learners, the best way to engage an audience is through visual content. Central Carolina Technical College is changing the face of communication by introducing CENTRALGO, a video blog (vlog). What is a vlog? A vlog is a blog in video form. The future is visual and communication is more successful when done visually. Like any other social media or communication platform, it’s all about building a community and connecting while also creating quality and captivating content. CENTRALGO aims to educate the community on what’s happening at Central Carolina one video entry at a time.

CCTC’s Public Relations department started the CENTRALGO project in order to communicate on a more personal level; by showing different areas of the college, introducing faculty, staff and students, highlighting our wide variety of programs, and showing how CCTC is involved in the communities of Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee and Sumter counties. The intention is to highlight college events through quick, informative videos that can be shared by the college’s social media followers.

“Central Carolina Technical College is truly a hidden gem in the local community. Besides preparing students for the workforce and four-year colleges, CCTC offers clubs, events, career fairs, tours, partnerships, free tuition, admission agreements, dual enrollment, early college, mentorships, training, an art gallery, esteemed faculty and staff, the list goes on and on. CCTC has SO MUCH happening! The idea behind CENTRALGO is to showcase all these wonderful things; to let the community, specifically prospective students, know that CCTC offers more than technical colleges of yesteryear. Central Carolina is adapting to technology and the way people receive information, CENTRALGO is just the start. The Public Relations Department is excited to share the college’s happenings with the public. It’s our hope that the public, in turn, gets excited about Central Carolina too,” says CCTC’s Director of Public Relations Cathy Wood.

CENTRALGO’s first vlog entry featured the new Kershaw County Campus expansion grand opening that took place in February. Since then, there have been entries on the CNC Machine and Tool Technology program and the Central Carolina Scholars program. The college is excited to highlight our different programs of study and to share student testimonies of their educational experience while at Central Carolina. In addition, CENTRALGO will feature instructor testimonies, alumni success stories, student life events on campus, outreach initiatives and more.

CENTRALGO can be accessed in a couple of different ways. You can visit cctech.edu/centralgo to stay up-to-date on new entries or you can follow us on social media at: YouTube: CentralCarolinaTechPR, Facebook: CentralCarolina, Instagram: @centralcarolina, Twitter: @CentralCarolina and Snapchat: CentralCarolina.

A few upcoming vlog entries to be on the lookout for are: Pharmacy Technician pinning ceremony on May 9, the Associate Degree Nurse pinning ceremony on May 10 and graduation ceremonies on May 11. Stay up-to-date on all things Central Carolina!

We want to hear from you! If you have an idea for a vlog topic, email our Public Relations department at publicrelationsoffice@cctech.edu.

CCTC’s Public Relations Department Media Specialist Nicole Ouellette films Massage Therapy Program Manager Brent Jackson at Kershaw Discovery Day.
CCTC’s Public Relations Department Media Specialist Nicole Ouellette records footage of Early Care and Education students working with children at Rubye J. Johnson Headstart in Sumter.