Central Carolina Technical College unveils Titan mascot

Central Carolina Technical College announced the newest addition to the college, the Titan mascot, at their 55th Commencement Ceremonies held Friday, May 10. In the 1970s, Sumter Area Technical College briefly had a trojan for a mascot but CCTC has never had a mascot – until now. The project of creating a new mascot for the college started in the fall of 2017 with the help of CCTC’s Public Relations department who worked closely with a mascot focus group to create a logo and identify a brand for the mascot. CCTC Director of Public Relations Cathy Frye says, “Central Carolina is excited to give students and alumni an identity; they can now call themselves Titans. I think our students can relate to the idea of being a Titan and taking pride in the accomplishments they achieve during their time at CCTC. This was a large undertaking and I’m very proud of the PR Department for its hard work seeing it through completion.”

“The brand and logo of Central Carolina Technical College reveals a globe that represents the global economy with the four counties of Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee and Sumter streaking across. It is a very powerful representation of what we stand for and what we represent as a college. A long time ago the ancient Greeks celebrated a myth of Atlas. Atlas was a Titan who was entrusted with holding up the globe and the celestial heavens. Atlas was also said to have been skilled in philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy and represented strength and endurance. We are proud today to announce that those affiliated with Central Carolina Technical College can now call themselves Titans! For 55 years we have been the Titans of industry, the Titans of health care, the Titans of business and public service, the Titans of education, learning resources and planning. We have always been Titans, and today we are proud to formally recognize our mascot as the Central Carolina Titan,” says CCTC President Dr. Michael Mikota.