CCTC to offer four new certificates this Fall

Beginning this Fall Semester, CCTC students can obtain an Advanced Medical Coding Certificate, a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate, a Marketing and Sales for Small Business Certificate or an Office Management Certificate.
The Advanced Medical Coding Certificate is designed to prepare Health Information Professionals by focusing on procedural and diagnostic coding for reimbursement of professional services performed in inpatient facility settings. The program includes medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, inpatient procedural coding and diagnostic coding as well as medical regulations.

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate is designed to provide basic understanding and skills in the field of materials management and transportation for students interested in distribution, transportation operations, warehousing and materials and inventory management for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing operations.

The Marketing and Sales for Small Business Certificate is designed to provide fundamental knowledge of a wide variety of sales and marketing techniques for small businesses, start-ups, retail sales and non-profit organizations who lack a centralized marketing strategy. The certificate focuses on online marketing and promotional strategies and web design as well as face-to-face sales and customer techniques. Students will learn to understand the customer journey to best apply effective marketing and sales techniques.

The Office Management Certificate is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and skills in a wide variety of office management and administration applications to run a one-person or small office or department. The certificate offers a broad foundation of knowledge about organizations and how they operate and includes technical skills in accounting, payroll, supervision, human resources, computer technology and professional communications to ensure graduates are able to manage all administrative functions to supplement on-the-job knowledge about the particular business or organization.

Starting this Fall, you can also earn your Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree completely online. The Associate in Arts degree is designed for students who wish to enter fields related to the arts, humanities or social sciences. Related areas of emphasis include elementary education, secondary education, business education, physical education, recreation, English, foreign language, business administration, public administration, geography, history, international studies, law, political science, psychology, counseling, social work, sociology, journalism, speech and/or theater. The Associate in Science degree emphasizes mathematics and natural and physical sciences and is designed for students who wish to enter fields related to mathematics or sciences. Areas of emphasis include secondary education, and/or professional areas of health, medicine, engineering, business and computer science.
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