CCTC Recruiter talks about Working from Home

CCTC Recruiter Jason HamptonCCTC Recruiter Jason Hampton talks about the Transition to Working from Home

How have you adjusted to recruiting from home?

As an extrovert, recruiting from home has been the ultimate struggle but I’m handling it like a Titan. Currently I am working with high schools to coordinate virtual tours and information sessions.

What would you tell potential students right now about CCTC?

CCTC fosters environment that keeps students safe and caters to their educational needs. Considering this era of social distancing, all instruction has shifted to an online platform and CCTC leadership continues to monitor COVID-19 to make the best decisions to best benefit students and keep every member of our CCTC family safe.

What are your favorite aspects of CCTC to show off to potential students?

CCTC provides many opportunities for students to succeed. CCTC offers 24/7 online tutoring through NetTutor and many of our programs offer internships which connect students directly with employers and provides job experience. Very often internships lead to employment which factor into CCTC’s 92% job placement rate.

What advice would you give to others to stay positive and push forward right now?

Echoing the sentiment of CCTC President Dr. Mikota, “This too shall pass.”