CCTC Employees Graduate from Leadership Academy

Ten employees graduated from the Central Carolina Technical College Leadership Academy (CCTCLA) on Friday, August 21, 2022. CCTCLA was established in 2018 to provide a comprehensive leadership program that develops new leaders among faculty and staff at the college and to facilitate an effective teaching and learning environment through leadership development. 

CCTC recognizes the value of strong leadership and the importance of developing new leaders in support of the college’s overarching goal of amplifying student success. The CCTCLA lasts for seven months and has two levels to complete: Academy Level 1 and Academy Level 2. 

Academy Level 1 covers basic leadership skills, accountability, communication, conflict resolution, counseling and delegation. Academy Level 2 covers topics on core leadership skills, the challenges of leadership, productive partnerships and valuing diversity. 

Academy Level 1 graduates are Eugene Geddings, Kendra Lau, Nicole Miles, Maria Raneri, Crystella Singleton and Madelyn Wilber. Academy Level 2 graduates are Tiffany Epps, Karen Gainey, Deborah Seymour and Jennifer Smith. 

(pictured left to right): Central Carolina Technical College Leadership Academy Level 1 Graduates: Madelyn Wilber, Nicole Miles, Eugene Geddings, Crystella Singleton, Kendra Lau. Not pictured: Maria Raneri 
(pictured left to right): Central Carolina Technical College Leadership Academy Level 2 Graduates: Deborah Seymour, Tiffany Epps, Karen Gainey, Jennifer Smith.
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