2016 TRIO award winners and graduates

Central Carolina Technical College announces 2016 TRIO
award winners and graduates

SUMTER, S.C. – Central Carolina Technical College’s TRIO Student Support Services held their 11th annual Awards and Recognition Program Tuesday evening on main campus in Sumter. CCTC President Tim Hardee recognized over 35 award winners including: TRIO Newcomer; Spirit of TRIO; Overall TRIO Achiever; scholarship and internship recipients; President’s and Dean’s List recipients; and TRIO Graduates.

TRIO is a federally funded post-secondary education program designed to provide academic assistance and support to CCTC students who meet the eligibility requirements. Federal guidelines direct the program toward students who are from low-income families, first-generation college students and students with documented disabilities. Students must also demonstrate an academic need for our program.

2015-2016 TRIO Graduates
LaKeithea Bailey-Nelson, Judy Brailsford, Sara Briggs, Jennifer Brown, Wanda Carter, Aaron Gibson, Natascha Giles, Talia Grant, Lorenzo Kennedy, Courtney Moody, Jenetta Reddick, Richelle Ross, Ariana Segovia, Jasmine Washington, Tyquandria Wright

Academic Wall of Fame
Lakeithea Bailey-Nelson, Shaquan Brown, Denzel Colclough, Eartha Kearse, Nyaaisjah Samuel, Sara Ward

Dean’s List
Denzel Colclough, Aaron Gibson, Anthony Gibson, Eartha Kearse, Lorenzo Kennedy, Brenda Mack, Margaret Nelson, Richelle Ross, Nyaaisjah Samuel, Ariana Segovia, Dominique Smith, Mianna Washington, Timothy White­­

Elizabeth Owens and Latoya Williams

Male Empowerment Day
Anthony Gibson, Jedidiah Mayrant, Kentrel Randolph, LaQuan Tate

Overall TRIO Achiever
Shaquan Brown

President’s List
LaKeithea Bailey-Nelson, Sara Briggs, Tonika Covington, Tonya Evans, Quaneisha Johnson, Jedidiah Mayrant, Mianna Washington

Spirit of TRIO
Chantalle Davis and Margaret Nelson

Student Leadership and Diversity Conference Participants
Chantalle Davis, Kaiser Ingram, Lorenzo Kennedy, Brittany Lee, Jedidiah Mayrant, Kenneth Segovia

Sumter Rotary Club Scholarship Recipients
Cheryl Graham, Kentrel Randolph, Sara Ward

TRIO Grant Aid Recipients
Anthony Gibson and Jenetta Reddick

TRIO Ambassadors
Sara Briggs, Chantalle Davis, Ariana Segovia

TRIO Leadership Professional Development Council Members
Jessie Cave, Primeka Rich, Shaquan Brown, Margaret Nelson, Klantray Epps, Kianna Long

TRIO Newcomer
Maurice Way

WHBSLC Participants
Sara Briggs, Shaquan Brown, Chantalle Davis, Klantray Epps, Anthony Gibson, Margaret Nelson, Primeka Rich

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