GED testing service lowers passing score, high school credential now more feasible than ever!

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Our excitement at Clarendon County Adult Education was palpable this past week!  The GED testing service announced the score change on January 26, but we had to wait until the February 1 approval date from Dr. Molly Spearman and the South Carolina Department of Education to share the news with our students.  We’re not excited that the test is easier…IT IS NOT!!  Many college educated folks I know would find it tough, trust me!  What has happened is that the folks at GED have leveled the playing field, giving our students a fair shot at that elusive high school credential.  Through a data research study, it was confirmed that GED 2014 Diploma students were actually doing better on college placement tests and in college coursework that high school diploma students.  The Central Carolina Technical Staff here with us at F. E. Dubose Career Center had been telling us that for a long time…they have always liked the success of our graduates!  Now, we have good evidence to back up our claims!  What the GED testing service discovered was that the higher passing score  of 150 was actually more demanding than the requirements to obtain an average high school diploma.  Although a higher quality student is better for any institution, why should more demanded of a GED graduate?  The new score is fair and a better representation of high school level skills.  Our students can now set their sights on a goal that is more realistic and obtainable, 145 in each subject area.  Not wanting to step back, the new score benchmarks also include a College Ready designation at 165 and a College-Ready plus Credit recommendation at 175.  All of these numbers add up to great news for our students…please follow the links below for more information!
If you are reading this and you are interested in pursuing your high school equivalency through taking the GED test, please contact us at 803-473-2531!  The Class of 2016 graduates in May…you can still be a part of it!,262577


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