We want to welcome back all CCTC employees with a fun, informative event that will kickoff the return to campus for faculty, staff and especially our students. Dr. Pollock will share highlights from this past year and his goals for the future.

Friday, August 13
Breakfast starts at 8:30 a.m. | Event starts at 9 a.m.
Main Campus, Building M400, Room M401

Feel free to wear jeans and a college shirt!


  • Dr. Kevin Pollock
  • Dr. David Justice
  • Sylvia James

*This is a required event for all full-time faculty and staff. A Zoom component will be offered for those at outreach campuses who cannot attend in person or for those who may feel more comfortable attending by Zoom. Be sure and make your election on the online RSVP form below. Breakfast will only be available for those who attend in person. Please RSVP below by August 2, 2021.

Fall Kickoff 2021 - RSVP

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Who's New?(Required)
We want to introduce everyone to our new employees and give them a warm Titan welcome to the college! Are you a new employee since we had our last employee training in October 2019?
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2021 Employee Giving Campaign

Our Story - Employee Giving Campaign

“Our Story” 3rd Annual Foundation Employee Giving Campaign

“You’ve got a friend in me!” The CCTC Foundation will kick off the Employee Giving Campaign with fun surprises and prizes! Our goal this year is 75% participation from employees. Whether that is taking part in one of the many activities we will offer as part of the campaign and giving a dollar or committing to a gift.

Titan Time Capsule

Not only was 2020 a memorable year, but 2022 will be the college’s 60th anniversary. CCTC would like to capture memories from the year with a Titan Time Capsule that will be placed in a designated space on campus.*

We are accepting the following submissions for possible inclusion in the time capsule:

  • Photos from 2020 (including pre-pandemic photos from early 2020)
  • CCTC swag
  • Playlists of favorite songs
  • Trends from 2020 that you think you’ll cringe over in 25-50 years
  • Stories from newspapers/magazines
  • Short essays or lists (what impacted you this year, what matters most to you right now, the good and the bad of the year, what you hope life will be like in 25-50 years, etc.)
  • Poetry
  • Artwork
  • Anything else that you think is representative of this bizarre year

*Due to space limitations, not all submissions may be included in the time capsule. The time capsule dimensions are 12”x18”.

Please bring all submissions to Fall Kickoff, or if unable to attend, please bring or send to the Marketing & Communications offices in building M500.

Canned food drive

Please bring non-perishable canned food items to help stock our Student Nutritional Access Center (SNAC). SNAC is a food pantry created to assist CCTC students in need of non-perishable food items.