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Course Description

Online training is designed to mirror the face-to-face short schools, and provide students with the tools necessary to enhance operating skills and prepare for the state certification exam. Glossary, crossword puzzles, slide presentations, and quizzes will enhance the learning experience. Students will have direct communication with a personal instructor to help answer questions. Short Schools are intensive training sessions designed as a comprehensive overview for operators of water and wastewater treatment facilities who are preparing for the state certification exam. ABC Need-to-Know criteria for operators are used as the topical outline for each Short School, and the Sacramento Manual is used as the reference text. Tuition includes manual. Course must be completed to earn CEUs – partial credit is not awarded. Students are allowed up to 12 weeks to complete the course.




PC Wastewater                                 28 hours – $549

Biological Wastewater                     28 hours – $549

Water Treatment                             28 hours – $549

Water Distribution                          28 hours – $549 (Basic)   $439 (Advanced)

Classroom Hours: