Certified Logistics Technician

The South Carolina Certified Logistics Technician (SCCLT) program offers both entry-level and incumbent workers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired the skills needed for technology intensive jobs of the 21st century. The SCCLT training and credentialing system is based on the industry-defined, annually updated national standards for the core technical competencies from frontline material handling and distribution workers in production sites, warehouses, distribution centers and transporters. Individuals are assessed for two credentials: Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) Certificate and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) Certification. CLA is a prerequisite for CLT. In addition, individuals will also be given the opportunity to earn their 10-hour OSHA card, Six Sigma yellow belt, and a Forklift Operator Certificate. For more information, please call 803-778-6656 or email training@cctech.edu

TBDTBDTBD90Sumter & online
*Course times will be determined to meet the greatest demand of students. Dates may be adjusted depending on student availability and class enrollment

Possible Certifications Earned with Successful Completion of Program: 

Classroom Hours: 90