Water Distribution Short Schools

Short Schools are intensive training sessions designed as a comprehensive overview for operators who are preparing for the state certification exam. ABC Need-to-Know criteria for operators are used as the topical outline for each Short School, and Sacramento Manuals are used as reference texts. Handouts, videos, demonstrations and practice tests are utilized in the training program.

Book Requirements
Sacramento Manuals are reference texts for all Short Schools, as well as one reference for the S.C. state certification (ABC) exams. Manuals are included in the tuition for the “D” level course. Students are asked to bring the manuals for the “C”, “B”, and “A” level courses. Additional manuals are available for purchase through the SCETC. Call (803) 778-6656. Please bring a calculator to class.

T,W,Th,FSept. 7-10, 2021D8:30-4:3028$499
T,W,Th,FSept. 7-10, 2021C8:30-4:3028$399
M,T,W,ThNov. 29-Dec. 2, 2021B8:30-4:3028$399
M,T,W,ThNov. 29-Dec. 2, 2021A8:30-4:3028$399
M,T,W,ThDec. 6-9, 2021D8:30-4:3028$499
M,T,W,ThDec. 6-9, 2021C8:30-4:3028$399

Review courses are intended for operators desiring to earn continuing education credit to maintain their operator certification and who are not preparing for the state certification exam. Please bring a calculator to class.

WThJune 16-17, 20218:30-3:3012$299


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