Clarendon County Adult Ed students focus on Citizenship skills, celebrate successes for November

“With great freedom comes even greater responsibility.”
Supporting November’s character word of the month, Clarendon County Adult Education welcomed guests from voter registration and local legal teams to further develop Citizenship skills of our students.
Our third student recognition program of the year began with an information session provided by Princess Lang and Cynthia Barefoot-Cubit of Clarendon County Voter Registration. Students learned about voter registration requirements, dates of the national primaries, and where to go to vote in local, state, and national elections. Ms. Lang and Ms. Barefoot-Cubit remained after the program to register interested students.
The program then turned to advice and citizen’s rights guidance from King Cutter and Warren Anderson. Cutter works with the Clarendon County Public defender’s office, Anderson with the Clarendon County Solicitor’s office, so students were able to gain the perspective of both sides of the legal system. Both Cutter and Anderson shared insights into lawful decisions, risky situations and consequences, as well precedent setting cases.
Our theme came full circle as the Director’s Message and student recognitions supported “Being a Good Citizen of Clarendon County Education.”
Our staff was proud to host our special guests, honor our students for their achievements, and remind everyone of the values of Citizenship.
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