Mayor Shares Many Reasons for Showing Compassion

“Where ever the need is, that is where I am going to go.” Mayor Julia Nelson

Thank you so much to Julia Nelson, Mayor of Manning, for speaking with our students today! Our theme of the day was “Compassion”, and Mayor Nelson shared so much with us about the compassion of Clarendon County during the recent historic South Carolina floods. We commend her for her leadership through that time and for being the wonderful role model that she is!  Her words and actions speak “Compassion.”

Each month, Clarendon County has chosen a character word to emphasize to all of its citizens.  We at Clarendon County Adult Education use those character words as the theme for our monthly student recognition program.  This month, that word is compassion, and we could think of no one better to demonstrate compassion in action than the Mayor of Manning, Julia Nelson.  After her address, we celebrated several of our students’ accomplishments and an overall very successful Fall semester!

We’re happy to share that we’ve had seven graduates, fifteen students have earned their Career Readiness Certificate through ACT/WorkKeys, and forty-two students have made academic gains.  Congratulations to all!

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A New United States Citizen!

Clarendon County Adult Education is proud to recognize Sirglay Richburg for recently achieving her American Citizenship. She was interviewed in Charleston on November 10 and participated in an official ceremony on November 25. Our ESL students and teacher Beverly Felder celebrated with Sirglay in class on November 11.

Sirglay Salgado Richburg was born in Cassia, Brazil. She married an American working in Brazil and moved to Manning in 2005. At this time, she possessed the necessary Green card as a legal permanent resident. She quickly began studying English at Clarendon County Adult Education. In August of 2006, her daughter, Nina, was born. Sirglay devoted her time to motherhood and was unable to attend class for several years. In 2013, she re-enrolled to study for the Naturalization Test.

To become an American citizen, applicants must complete an N-400 form for citizenship, which involves telling everything about themselves as they have lived in the US and beyond. The fee is very high, $647.00. Candidates are then scheduled for an interview with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. To student for the interview, Sirglay had to learn about US government, history, and geography. She had to study 100 possible questions and be able to write answers to questions in complete sentences in English.

Her road to citizenship was a long one, but Sirglay wanted to call the United States of American her country. Congratulations!

  • Contributed by Beverly Felder, ESL Instructor at Clarendon County Adult Education

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Clarendon County Adult Ed students focus on Citizenship skills, celebrate successes for November

“With great freedom comes even greater responsibility.”

Supporting November’s character word of the month, Clarendon County Adult Education welcomed guests from voter registration and local legal teams to further develop Citizenship skills of our students.

Our third student recognition program of the year began with an information session provided by Princess Lang and Cynthia Barefoot-Cubit of Clarendon County Voter Registration. Students learned about voter registration requirements, dates of the national primaries, and where to go to vote in local, state, and national elections. Ms. Lang and Ms. Barefoot-Cubit remained after the program to register interested students.

The program then turned to advice and citizen’s rights guidance from King Cutter and Warren Anderson. Cutter works with the Clarendon County Public defender’s office, Anderson with the Clarendon County Solicitor’s office, so students were able to gain the perspective of both sides of the legal system. Both Cutter and Anderson shared insights into lawful decisions, risky situations and consequences, as well precedent setting cases.

Our theme came full circle as the Director’s Message and student recognitions supported “Being a Good Citizen of Clarendon County Education.”

Our staff was proud to host our special guests, honor our students for their achievements, and remind everyone of the values of Citizenship.

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Two more graduates don their Cap and Gown!

Our post from Facebook:

Congratulations to our latest and greatest graduate, James King, III of Alcolu! James has the distinction of scoring in the Honors level for his Social Studies GED! He will take his placement test for Central Carolina Technical College TOMORROW! That’s how quickly you can find your path!! Find us at Clarendon County Adult Education, 803-473-2531.

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Our post from Facebook:

She’s gone and done it! Congratulations to our newest graduate, Justine Jackson. Justine plans to pursue a military career, and she will take her Compass Test, the placement test for Central Carolina, on Monday! Her new life is taking off…follow her and our other graduates by contacting Clarendon County Adult Education today! Call 803-473-2531 or come by FE Dubose Career Center as soon as possible!

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25th Anniversary Limited Edition South Carolina “Ornament of Hope” continues Christmas tradition

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Since 1991, the artwork of Clarendon County native Anne Worsham Richardson has adorned Christmas trees and walls of citizens across our state. Richardson, who passed away in 2012, is best known as South Carolina’s most famous bird painter. Her affinity for depicting wildlife as well as her affection for animals began in her childhood home outside of Turbeville.

Richardson moved to Charleston as a teenager, where she began studying birds and their habitats through libraries, museums, and trips all over the country. Her talent was soon discovered, and she received awards for her artwork as well as permits to rehabilitate birds and other wildlife. Donating the use of one of her paintings each year for the “Ornament of Hope” design was initiated by former governor Caroll Campbell.   Proceeds benefit local literacy volunteers.

The official 2015 “South Carolina Ornament of Hope” is now available and again features a 24K gold on solid brass rendering of an Ann Worsham Richardson bird print.

This year, the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition “Ornament of Hope” showcases a tribute to very special member of Richardson’s extended family, Owlbert. The story behind “Screech Owl on Holly” is that the small, injured owl was brought to Richardson’s studio in Charleston. When healed, he refused to leave. Richardson’s son eventually named him, and screech owls became a constant fixture of the bird sanctuary for many years. Owlbert posed for countless paintings and even inspired the cover of a cookbook, so it is not surprising that Richardson’s estate chose to honor him.

Only hanging ornaments are available this year for $15. The gift pack includes a signed certification, a history of the print, and a velvet pouch for storage after the holidays.   Collectors may find them in Manning at The Trading Post, Flowers de Linda’s, and the main office of F. E. Dubose Career Center.

Framed wall prints and ornaments from previous years are available at F. E. Dubose for $30 or $15. Proceeds benefit the Clarendon Literacy Council through Clarendon County Adult Education. Please contact Marian Evans at (803) 473-2531 for more information.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Clarendon Literacy Council, Clarendon County Adult Education is currently seeking adult literacy and ESL tutors.  If you have a college degree, a passion for learning, and an hour or two to spare each week, we need volunteers to work with our adult literacy students and English language learners.  Ideal for retirees as well as those who want to help others and make a difference!  Not a career educator?  No problem!  We will provide training plus an experience you will never forget!  Contact Lisa Justice, Director at 803-473-2531 for more information.

We have our first graduate of the year!

He’s a graduate!  Congratulations to our first one of the 2015-2016 school year, Travis Walker of Greeleyville.  As soon as he finished his GED, Travis came back this week and completed his Compass tests for admission into Central Carolina.  Not only do we have our first graduate, but we have our first college admission of the year!  Way to go, Travis!

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From the Director…Flooding thoughts and other positives


The first weekend of October 2015 will forever be remembered in Clarendon County and much of the state of South Carolina I do believe!  As with any harsh weather prediction, we heard the flood warnings and we saw the dark colors on the radar.  But I don’t think any of us was really prepared for the results and the devastation that would follow!  Disastrous road conditions and destroyed homes gave us all a rude awakening last week…the pictures provided by Manning Live and social media were hypnotizing to say the least.

The worst behind us now, Clarendon County is proudly working together to move on and maybe even be a little better for the experience.  Clarendon County Adult Education joined our three school districts in returning to classes this week, and we are happy to report that our students are moving up and moving on.  After a few days to get back in the (school) zone, students participated in several assessments today to demonstrate their progress and commitment.  These included WorkKeys tests, placement tests, progress checks, and GED-Ready evaluations.  It’s exciting to watch their growth as students and learners!

To date, thirteen students have been able to make an academic gain, and one student has passed three parts of the GED…he takes his final section tomorrow!  Three new students joined us just this week! Amid disaster, chaos, and, yes, even inconvenience, CCAE students are showing perseverance and dedication to making their own lives better.  We can help you find your path!  Registration and placement testing occurs on Mondays at 8:30 AM or 5:00 PM at F.E. Dubose Career Center, 3351 Sumter Highway, Manning SC 29102.  Call for more information (803) 473-2531.

Check out more good news:

For outstanding flood coverage in our area, go to:

CCAE Student Survey

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Clarendon County Adult Education Student Survey

CCAE celebrates National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week with a special “Career Day” and Student Recognition Program!

Great things continue to unfold at Clarendon County Adult Education!!  To celebrate our students and National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, we hosted a special “Career Day” Program this morning with guests from our collaborative partners at Palmetto Youth Connections and Central Carolina Technical College.  Mr. William Rogers from PYC shared information about resources and incentives available to our 17-24 year old students.  Jacob Harrod and Rhonda Sherman spoke about opportunities through our connection with CCTC.  College instructor Marie Davis shared her extraordinary story that inspires our Ronald McDonald House Service Project.  A motivational keynote message was given by Mr. Robert Oliver from Clarendon School District One. As we recognized the achievements of our students so far this semester, we honored them with a pizza lunch! Yes and Yum!!

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Adult Ed classes begin in Summerton and Turbeville on Tuesday and Thursday evenings


In their Clarendon Sun local edition, the Sumter Item carried a story this week about our satellite location openings…thanks to KONSTANTIN VENGEROWSKY!  All of our programs are up and running now, with over 125 students currently registered for classes in both days and evenings.  Check our schedule on the our website or in the blog below…see what works for you!

Link to article in the Clarendon Sun

Link to Clarendon County Adult Education Website