Graduation 2016 a very special evening

They did it, oh yes, they did!!

Clarendon County Adult Education held our graduation ceremony on Thursday evening, May 12 in the auditorium of F. E. Dubose Career Center. We celebrated as 27 graduates from the 2015-2016 school year marched across that stage, along with 6 students who were not able to participate in the ceremony last spring as 2014-2015 graduates. In all, they earned 28 GED Diplomas, 5 High School Diplomas, 25 National Career Readiness Certificates, and 5 GED College Readiness Distinctions. We are very proud of their accomplishments, and the ceremony was a tribute to their success. Guest speaker, Dr. John Lesaine of Newberry College, provided the graduates with praise and motivation to let this be the end of their new beginning in life instead of the end of their goal. “I am not here to be common,” Lesaine told the graduates to recite to and remind themselves.

Our Class of 2016 includes: Hannah Nicole Adams, Carolyn Louise Barrett, Samuel Austin Baxley, William Wallace Brock, Bonife Mondido Brown, Sherman Thomas Cooper, Charles Earnest Dycus, Jr., John Harold Gerhold, Justine Deshawn Jackson, James Ellebre King, III, Kaitlynn Paige King, Owen Matthew Loyd, Dylan Yates Matthews, Sherri Shantell McFadden, Robert Steven McLeod, Rebecca Lynn McNeely, Maxine Mercer, Dustin Christopher Moore, Hannah Faye Morris, Kirstin Paige Morris, Skylar Ray Murphy, Javon Marquel Murray, Christy Turner Pittman, Jessica Cheyenne Rogers, Helen Marie Scarborough, Dillon Satria Sitepu, Joshua Edwin Turner, Kelly Renea Varner, Travis Scott Walker, Markia Faith Wright, Jonathan Douglas Yarborough, and Daniel James Zittlow.

Congratulations to our Class of 2016!!

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Recent graduates show their mettle…determination and focus are the keys to success!

This year is certainly going by very fast, and we are excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our recent graduates.  Our official graduation ceremony and celebration will be Thursday, May 12 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium at F.E. Dubose Career Center.  We will have a very special guest speaker who we will announce later this week!

Graduates #16 and #17, Dustin Moore and Kaitlynn King, sure did it their way!! Kaitlynn was on a super-fast track, enrolling with us in December and completing two exams at time just this month! Dustin took a short detour to the Charleston area, but returned to us for his final section and completed his GED in March as well. Both have big plans for their next step…Kaitlynn is here at Central Carolina today taking her COMPASS placement test to begin her pursuit of a degree in healthcare, and Dustin is in Sumter taking the ASVAB as he begins his lifelong dream of a military career. Future’s so bright, we’re almost ashamed!

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Here we go again! Graduate #18 is a special lady who found strength in returning to school this year and made it through with some serious focus and determination! It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, but it was supposed to happen!! Carolyn “Weezie” Barrett, we are so proud of you! Weezie plans to move on Central Carolina to complete her college coursework…we know she will be successful no matter what!

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19 is a lucky number for him…congratulations graduate #19 Billy Brock! (His birthday is also on the 19th of the month during the winter). Billy will finish up at F.E. Dubose later this month, testing for his certification in welding, and then move on to Central Carolina to further his education. He came this year in November and finished with a flurry and in a hurry in April…not bad for less than six months! We proud of you, Billy!! Great job!


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What are employers today looking for?? Click on the links below to find out!

What are employers today looking for? Soft Skills!! Wait for your marshmallows, folks…watch the videos below to find out why!

CCAE students appreciate employment advice of HR guests

As a part of our monthly student recognition and character development series, Clarendon County Adult Education welcomed four representatives from our business community to F. E. Dubose on March 22.  Our guests spoke to our students about the importance of soft skills and other factors of employability.  They also connected to ideas of self-discipline, our character word of the month for March.  Our panelists were: Mr. Bobby Boykin from the Clarendon County Development Board; Mrs. Darlene Gainey, Branch Manager, Roper Staffing; Mrs. Kay Finley, Corporate Human Resource Manager with Trimaco; and Mr. Stacey McInnnis of the Bank of Clarendon.  Students were able to ask questions and participate in the discussion with area community leaders, producing a strong sense of ownership in what they were learning.  The value of the information gained from these folks was immeasurable for our students!  Thank you to the panel and to Transition Specialist Ann Cutter for organizing!

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GED testing service lowers passing score, high school credential now more feasible than ever!

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Our excitement at Clarendon County Adult Education was palpable this past week!  The GED testing service announced the score change on January 26, but we had to wait until the February 1 approval date from Dr. Molly Spearman and the South Carolina Department of Education to share the news with our students.  We’re not excited that the test is easier…IT IS NOT!!  Many college educated folks I know would find it tough, trust me!  What has happened is that the folks at GED have leveled the playing field, giving our students a fair shot at that elusive high school credential.  Through a data research study, it was confirmed that GED 2014 Diploma students were actually doing better on college placement tests and in college coursework that high school diploma students.  The Central Carolina Technical Staff here with us at F. E. Dubose Career Center had been telling us that for a long time…they have always liked the success of our graduates!  Now, we have good evidence to back up our claims!  What the GED testing service discovered was that the higher passing score  of 150 was actually more demanding than the requirements to obtain an average high school diploma.  Although a higher quality student is better for any institution, why should more demanded of a GED graduate?  The new score is fair and a better representation of high school level skills.  Our students can now set their sights on a goal that is more realistic and obtainable, 145 in each subject area.  Not wanting to step back, the new score benchmarks also include a College Ready designation at 165 and a College-Ready plus Credit recommendation at 175.  All of these numbers add up to great news for our students…please follow the links below for more information!

If you are reading this and you are interested in pursuing your high school equivalency through taking the GED test, please contact us at 803-473-2531!  The Class of 2016 graduates in May…you can still be a part of it!,262577



Learning Express Library…A Valuable, Free Resource

Hey Clarendon Adult Education Students!  Follow this link to an online tutorial resource to practice your GED or literacy skills.  Use the Adult Learning Center or High School Equivalency Center to help you in the areas you will be tested.  You have to register for an account with your email address.  Make sure to save your password in your student folder!  The tutorials are progressive and can lead you to greater success on TABE, WorkKeys, or GED!


New year, new semester! Clarendon Adult Ed students return to class…

With 149 students, forty-two academic level gains, and eight graduates, Fall 2015 will go down as one of our most successful!  Spring 2016 classes have started, but it is not too late…read below and let us help you accomplish that New Year’s Resolution to go back to school! We offer GED/HSE classes, high school diploma credits, Test Prep for WorkKeys, TEAS, and Compass, as well as Literacy and ESL courses. We have a very supportive staff, and many options to fit your schedule! Come join us in 2016!!





Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Staff of CCAE

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the staff of Clarendon County Adult Education!

Reminder: Winter Break for all of our students will be December 21-January 7. Classes will resume on Monday, January 11 at 8:30 a.m. or 5 p.m.

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