Definition: A transient student is any student who enrolls in Central Carolina Technical College who takes courses to transfer to his or her primary college. Each summer and throughout the year, students from other colleges take courses at CCTC to transfer to their primary college. By doing this, transient students are able to:

  • Take a class or two to catch up on courses or get ahead.
  • Receive course credit for courses approved by their primary college.
  • Save money. Affordable per credit hour cost. We offer a Deferred Payment Plan to help with the cost of tuition, fees and books.

*Military students can also take Central Carolina courses and complete their CCAF degree as a transient student.*

 Becoming a transient student is simple. You need to:

  • Submit an Application for Admission (either online or a paper application).
  • Submit a permission form (Transient Form) from the receiving institution or your primary college specifying the courses to be taken.
  • Call the Office of Admissions at 803-778-6605 or email to be admitted, register for the course(s), and pay for the course(s).
  • If attending Central Carolina for the first-time, attend either a campus New Student Orientation session or the online New Student Orientation before classes begin.

Need more information or have questions? Email us at or call 803-778-6605.