The CCTC Testing Centers are excited to roll out our new Online Testing Center Registration System!

Testing Center Registration

You can now register for Placement Tests and licensing exam(s) in a quick and efficient manner. Simply click on Testing Center Registration on the College’s main website page, click on the testing location, click on the exam(s) needed, choose a testing date, fill in the requested information, and register for your test(s). The process is complete when you receive an email confirming the details of your registration.

What are the benefits from Online Testing Center Registration?

  • 24/7 Online registration
  • Seating reservation
  • Automated test date reminder for registered testers
  • Automated email confirmation for registered testers
  • STRESS FREE, PCI compliant security and ADA compliant

For more information, you can contact any of the Testing Center locations:

Main Campus Testing Center – (803) 774-3306

Base Education Office – (803) 666-2422

FE DuBose Campus – (803) 473-2531

Kershaw Campus – (803) 425-8388

Lee County Campus – (803) 483-2282