CCAE students appreciate employment advice of HR guests

As a part of our monthly student recognition and character development series, Clarendon County Adult Education welcomed four representatives from our business community to F. E. Dubose on March 22.  Our guests spoke to our students about the importance of soft skills and other factors of employability.  They also connected to ideas of self-discipline, our character word of the month for March.  Our panelists were: Mr. Bobby Boykin from the Clarendon County Development Board; Mrs. Darlene Gainey, Branch Manager, Roper Staffing; Mrs. Kay Finley, Corporate Human Resource Manager with Trimaco; and Mr. Stacey McInnnis of the Bank of Clarendon.  Students were able to ask questions and participate in the discussion with area community leaders, producing a strong sense of ownership in what they were learning.  The value of the information gained from these folks was immeasurable for our students!  Thank you to the panel and to Transition Specialist Ann Cutter for organizing!
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