Using the online application form


1. First time users must create a Login ID and a PIN. Write down your login information and keep it secure so that you’ll be able to log back in at a later time.

2. Login to the Admissions Form using the account you created.

Note: If you’re unable to submit your application electronically, you can download a printable version of the Application for Undergraduate Admission and submit it the Admissions Office.

After you have created a Login ID and PIN, you will be asked to select an application type.  The four options are:

  • First Time Freshman – Select “First Time Freshman” if you have never attended college before.
  • Readmit – Select “Readmit” if you have not attended CCTC for one year or more.
  • Transfer Two-Year – Select “Transfer Two-Year” if you have previously attended a community or technical college.
  • Transfer Four-Year – Select “Transfer Four-Year” if you have previously attended a four-year university or college.
  • Transient – Select “Transient” if you wish to take classes at CCTC and transfer them back to your home institution.

Once you have selected an Application Type, you will be asked to complete different sections of the application.  You do not have to complete all the information at one time.  If you must logout and return, any information you completed will be saved and available when you log back in using the Login ID and PIN.  For this reason, please be sure to write down and keep your Login ID and PIN when you create them.

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