Completing your CCTC Application is quick and easy.

Follow these simple instructions to complete and submit your application:

Click on the button below to access the application.
First time users should select “Sign Up” to create a username (email address) and password.
Write down your login information and keep it secure so that you’ll be able to log back in at a later time. Please use an email address that you regularly access. Please do not enter an email address on your application that is different than the one you use to set up your account. This will affect your ability to log back in to your application. 

Online Application

After you create your account, complete your application.
Click “Save” after each section to save your progress. If you must log out and return, log back in using your email address and password. Make sure you sign and submit at the end for 100% completion.
Once you start your application, access your Titan Start Portal with the below button.
There you will find information about your admission process, financial aid, and student resources. Log in to the Titan Start Portal with the same log-in information you created for your application.

Titan Start Portal