College Vision, Values, Roles and Scope

College Vision

Central Carolina Technical College will be the first choice for exceptional, quality, affordable technical and comprehensive education, provided in an innovative, student-centered learning environment.

College Values

Central Carolina respects the diversity of its student body and recognizes the worth and potential of each student. The college values an environment that fosters creativity and resourcefulness among its students, faculty, staff, and administrators and encourages teamwork, open communication, and free exchange of ideas. In its attitudes and principles, the college affirms the following values and beliefs in providing its programs and services:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

Statement of Roles and Scope

In recognition of the importance of its role in enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life for all citizens, Central Carolina Technical College seeks to fulfill its mission through meeting the needs of its stakeholders as follows:

  • GRADUATES: The college is committed to graduating students who will be productive members of society with strong values and ethics; who will have employability skills, including oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving, analytical, scientific and computational skills; who can utilize and adapt to new technology and accept and initiate change; and who have an appreciation for cultural diversity, are self-directed and self-disciplined, and have the ability to function cooperatively.
  • STUDENTS: The college seeks to provide for its students an affordable, quality post-secondary education while maintaining an open door admissions policy. Students will have the opportunity to succeed regardless of educational preparation through developmental programs and services as well as to pursue avocational and personal growth needs in an environment embracing rapidly changing technologies.
  • EMPLOYERS: The college is dedicated to providing employers with skilled work-ready employees and to serving as an avenue for on-going specialized training with access to the latest technologies and educational services so that existing and new employers will find the area attractive for their workforce.
  • COMMUNITY: The college seeks to serve the community by providing access to education wherever, whenever, and however necessary to meet community and individual needs for affordable education opportunities leading to an improved quality of life
  • K-12 STUDENTS: The college will provide opportunities for K-12 students to experience career exploration and planning, have access to a seamless progression toward a career or higher education and have an opportunity to accelerate their learning for employability and/or advanced placement through faculty /staff collaboration.
  • OTHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS: The college will endeavor to have a high utilization of resources through partnerships with other institutions who will be collaborative partners working to expand education programs while minimizing duplication.

(Revision Approved by the Central Carolina Technical College Area Commission, July 21, 2005 and the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education on October 6, 2005)