A New United States Citizen!

Clarendon County Adult Education is proud to recognize Sirglay Richburg for recently achieving her American Citizenship. She was interviewed in Charleston on November 10 and participated in an official ceremony on November 25. Our ESL students and teacher Beverly Felder celebrated with Sirglay in class on November 11.
Sirglay Salgado Richburg was born in Cassia, Brazil. She married an American working in Brazil and moved to Manning in 2005. At this time, she possessed the necessary Green card as a legal permanent resident. She quickly began studying English at Clarendon County Adult Education. In August of 2006, her daughter, Nina, was born. Sirglay devoted her time to motherhood and was unable to attend class for several years. In 2013, she re-enrolled to study for the Naturalization Test.
To become an American citizen, applicants must complete an N-400 form for citizenship, which involves telling everything about themselves as they have lived in the US and beyond. The fee is very high, $647.00. Candidates are then scheduled for an interview with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. To student for the interview, Sirglay had to learn about US government, history, and geography. She had to study 100 possible questions and be able to write answers to questions in complete sentences in English.
Her road to citizenship was a long one, but Sirglay wanted to call the United States of American her country. Congratulations!

  • Contributed by Beverly Felder, ESL Instructor at Clarendon County Adult Education

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