Academic Advising

Prior to the first semester, a new student should make an appointment to meet with his/her assigned advisor or an admissions counselor to plan a class schedule and discuss program requirements. Each semester thereafter, a student should make an advisement appointment by signing up on the posted appointment sheet located outside his/her assigned advisor’s office.

  • A faculty advisor will be available each semester to help plan a program of courses and will serve as the student’s major contact for academic advising.
  • To change a class schedule, drop a course, add a course, inquire about remaining courses in his or her program, or make any changes in a program, the student should see his or her academic advisor if there is a need to do so.
  • Students may be referred to another office for assistance outside the realm of academic advisement.
  • Advisors post office hours outside their offices each semester. Advisement sessions do not necessarily have to occur by appointment; faculty advisors are available to see students during their office hours.