Articulation Competency

Student Profile Sheet

ACC 101 Accounting Principles I

AHS 102 Medical Terminology

AUT 105 Beginning Engine Repair

AUT 106 Intermediate Engine Repair

AUT 107 Advanced Engine Repair

CPT 101 Introduction to Computers

CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ 115 Criminal Law I

ECD 132 Creative Experiences

ECD 135 Health, Safety, and Nutrition

EEM 117 AC/DC Circuits I

IMT 104 Schematics

IMT 131 Hydraulics and Pneumatics

IMT 210 Industrial Skills I

IMT 211 Industrial Skills II

MTT 121 Machine Tool Theory I

MTT 122 Machine Tool Practice I

NRM 102 Introduction to the Natural Resources Management Profession

NRM 230 Wildlife Management I

WLD 106 Gas and Arc Welding