All Inclusive Access Courses

Several courses at Central Carolina Technical College are All Inclusive Access courses. With these courses, the student is charged a course fee in addition to tuition that covers most, if not all of the required textbooks and access fees for the course. This fee ranges in price from $40.00 to $106.50 depending on the course and the items covered. This fee covers only digital components. If a student would like a print version of the item, they can purchase it in the college bookstore at a greatly reduced price, between $20.00 and $35.00 each. In some cases, there could be other items in addition to the All Inclusive Access that are required or optional. See the list below for information on All Inclusive Access courses being offered in the fall term. You can also check out the book list at

A student may opt out of the program if they already have all the digital components of the course. Students wishing to opt out of the program must contact the bookstore manager at and arrange for the charge to be taken off their account. Please understand you must have the items covered with the All Inclusive Access starting on day one of the course in order to take the course. Simply having a copy of the book being used in the course will not give you everything you must have.

If you drop an All Inclusive Access course prior to the end of drop/add period, you will automatically be refunded the charge. If you drop after the end of the drop/add period, or if you simply stop attending class and are dropped due to attendance the All Inclusive Access fee will not be refunded.

Here is information on All Inclusive Access courses for the Spring 2018 term:

Course             Fee (paid with registration)     Additional items

AHS-102         $90.00                                       Loose Leaf Print book  ISBN 9781260298970 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

.                                                                            Taber’s Medical Dictionary $49.50 (OPTIONAL)

BIO-100          $85.00                                     Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260302165 $26.50 (REQUIRED)

BIO-225          $87.50                                      Loose Leaf Print book ISBN9781260323832 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

CPT-101          $106.50                                   Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781337367837 $20.00 (OPTIONAL)

CPT-102         $40.00                                     Loose Leaf Print books ISBN 9781337036061 $20.00 (OPTIONAL)

CPT-172         $40.00                                     Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781337494656 $20.00 (OPTIONAL)

CPT-174         $40.00                                     Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781337493680 $20.00 (OPTIONAL)

ECD-203       $70.00                                      CCTC Lab Packet (REQUIRED)

.                                                                          Child Development $96.00 (REQUIRED)

.                                                                          Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale $25.00 (REQUIRED)

HIM-104       $90.00                                     Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260301953 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

HIM-140       $90.00                                     Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260301946 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

.                                                                         2017 CPT/HCPCS Bundle $207.00 (REQUIRED)

AHS-131       $90.00                                     Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260403428 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

BIO-203       $85.00                                    Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260403466 26.50 (OPTIONAL)

CPT-168       $106.50                                   Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781337733618 $20.00 (OPTIONAL)

CPT-209       $106.50                                  Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781337814829 $20.00 (OPTIONAL)

CPT-242        $95.00                                   Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781337751537 $20.00 (OPTIONAL)

ENG-100        $75.00                                  Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260402797 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

HIM-110        $90.00                                   Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260403428 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

HIM-130        $90.00                                  Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260403411 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

HIM-216        $90.00                                  Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781260403404 $26.50 (OPTIONAL)

MAT-110        $80.00                                  Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9780134464459 $33.50 (OPTIONAL)

MAT-111          $80.00                                 Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9780134464459 $33.50 (OPTIONAL)

MAT-120        $107.00                                 Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9780321953902 $33.50 (OPTIONAL)

MAT-140        $80.00                                  Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9780321954428 $33.50 (OPTIONAL)

MAT-141         $80.00                                  Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9780321954428 $33.50 (OPTIONAL)

MAT-155         $107.00                                Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9780321914880 $33.50 (OPTIONAL)

MKT-101        $95.00                                   Loose Leaf Print book ISBN 9781305937208 $20.00 (OPTIONAL)

More to be announced soon!


If you have any questions regarding All Inclusive Access, please contact the bookstore manager for assistance.