Massage Therapy (MTHC)

(CIP Code 513501)

30 Semester Hours

The Massage Therapy Program is an entry-level training program for students interested in becoming a massage therapist or for health care providers wishing to expand their range of clinical skills and knowledge. The Massage Therapy program prepares graduates to work in direct client care settings to provide manipulation (massage) of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasm, and stress, and to promote health and wellness.

Employment opportunities may be found in health care facilities, rehabilitation centers, medical offices, nursing homes, spas, health and sports clubs, hotels/resorts, cruise ships, and private practice.

Upon successful completion of the Massage Therapy Certificate, students are eligible to apply to take the Federation of States Examination (MBLEx) before applying for a South Carolina license.   Note: South Carolina licensure eligibility may be denied to applicants with criminal convictions.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must meet the general admission requirements to the College as well as requirements for all Health Sciences students listed at the beginning of the Health Sciences program section of this catalog.
  • The Massage Therapy Program has limited enrollment and students are admitted annually in the fall semester.
  • Applicants will be accepted as they submit completed applications to the program manager until all seats are filled.
  • Qualified applicants must have completed all developmental courses prior to acceptance into the massage therapy courses (MTH).
  • Qualified applicants must submit completed physical examination forms provided by the Health Sciences Division and proof of up-to-date vaccinations by the designated deadline.
  • Must maintain current BLS for Health Care Provider certification through the American Heart Association. Online certification/recertification will not be accepted.
  • Must maintain current documentation of tuberculin skin testing.
  • Students must submit information and fees for background checks and toxicology screenings by the designated deadline conducted through a facility selected by the College.

Progression Standards - After Program Entry

Failure to meet progression standards results in suspension from the program.

  • After admission, students must maintain a minimum 2.0 program GPA on program curriculum courses at Central Carolina Technical College in order to progress.
  • Must earn a minimum of a “C” or higher in each required curriculum course for the program. Students may retake program curriculum courses completed with less than a “C” one time only.
  • Must successfully complete all components of a course (theory and clinical) in order to pass the course. Students who fail to complete a component will receive a grade of “F” for the course regardless of the time in the semester and are not eligible to receive a “W” or “WA” through the withdrawal process.
  • Students must complete all course requirements within two years of starting date of first clinical course (MTH 120).
  • Students are limited to two attempts at successful completion of any massage therapy program (including Central Carolina Technical College). A withdrawal “W”, “WA” or “WF” constitutes an attempt in a massage therapy (MTH) course and will count as one attempt to complete the program.
  • Must maintain current BLS for Health Care Provider certification through the American Heart Association. Online certification/recertification will not be accepted.
  • Must maintain current documentation of tuberculin skin testing.
  • Students must purchase and maintain professional liability insurance with the College.
  • Students must obtain one sixty-minute professional massage therapy session from a licensed massage therapist.
  • Students may be required to purchase a portable massage table during the first semester.  Prices vary starting at approximately $450; however students may be given permission to use the massage therapy lab outside of class time to complete assignments.

Developmental Courses

This program of study requires that all developmental courses must be completed prior to graduation. These developmental courses may or may not be prerequisites to courses required in the program. Developmental courses are determined by placement tests taken at the time of admission into the College. The developmental courses are MAT 031, MAT 032, RDG 032, and ENG 032. These courses do not count for credit in any program of study.

courses required to complete this program

Following is a list of courses required to complete this program. Since some courses are offered once a year, courses should be taken in the following sequence in order to complete the program in a timely manner:

SEMESTER ICreditLabClass

COL 105 Freshman Seminar 303

MTH 113 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapy 303

MTH 120 Introduction to Massage 462

MTH 121 Principles of Massage I 462

MTH 136 Kinesiology for Massage Therapy 21.51.5



MTH 122 Principles of Massage II 462

MTH 123 Massage Clinical I 361

MTH 124 Massage Business Applications 303

MTH 126 Pathology for Massage Therapy 202

MTH 138 Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapy II 202



3025.521.5Program Total


This program is aligned with the following career cluster: Health Science

CCTC/NCBTMB Specialty Certificate for Integrative Healthcare




The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) have partnered to offer the profession’s first Specialty Certificate in Massage Therapy for Integrative Healthcare. View the brochure here.


The Specialty Certificate in Massage Therapy for Integrative Healthcare will be available to current and future students enrolled in CCTC’s 960-hour Massage Therapy program. Upon completion of CCTC’s program, students will be eligible to sit for the NCBTMB Specialty Exam.


This means that students would graduate the CCTC Massage Therapy program with their CCTC certificate of completion, transcript, as well as a credentialed CCTC/NCBTMB Specialty Certificate in Massage Therapy for Integrative Healthcare.


CCTC is the first school to be offered this proposal by NCBTMB. With our NCBTMB Assigned School status, we will now prepare students to graduate with the skills, tools, and preparation necessary to achieve entry-level state licensure, an advanced specialty certificate, as well as NCBTMB Board Certification.”


Program Highlights

  • Open to all graduates from the Massage Therapy program beginning 2012.
  • CCTC is the first school NCBTMB has offered to partner with for a specialty certificate.
  • The 960-hour program containing CCTC curriculum which includes online material, live in-person, hands-on instruction, clinical/shadowing instruction, and a final exam will be organized and executed through CCTC.
  • Upon successfully passing the CCTC Massage Therapy Program and NCBTMB specialty exam, NCBTMB will provide participants with a collaborative certificate detailing the credential earned, along with a detailed transcript as proof of his/her credential. NCBTMB will mail the certificate and transcript to each participant.
  • Participants will be able to test at the CCTC Testing Center on Main Campus for their advanced certification exam. The exam will be mailed to NCBTMB for scoring and records.



  • In addition to CCTC program costs, the cost of the certification process and exam with NCBTMB is $200 which is made payable by the student directly to NCBTMB.


Qualifications to apply for the CCTC/NCBTMB Specialty Certificate in Massage Therapy for Integrative Healthcare Exam

  • Letter of Approval for Intent to Test from CCTC Massage Therapy Program Manager
  • Completion of 100 Acute or Long-Term Care Clinical Hours in direct patient care
  • Passing licensure exam score


Initial steps for CCTC/NCBTMB Specialty Certificate in Massage Therapy for Integrative Healthcare Exam

  1. Create username and password on
  2. Complete online application and pay online
  3. Completed Application packet with $200 application fee online
  4. Schedule your test with the CCTC Testing Center on Main Campus
  5. Completed Test will be mailed by CCTC Testing Center to NCBTMB
  6. Results will be scored and released by NCBTMB


Qualifications for certification

  • CCTC transcript with proof of successful completion of massage therapy program
  • Passing score on CCTC/NCBTMB Specialty Certificate in Massage Therapy for Integrative Healthcare Exam
  • Licensure or Board Certification


Gainful Employment Data

Program Contact

Jackson, Brent Academic Program Manager, Massage Therapy