Technical Requirements

In order for you to successfully participate in an online course, you will need reliable Internet service and a properly configured computer. Here are some of the technical requirements and considerations you will need:

Computer Capacity: You will need to ensure that your computer (hardware and software) has the capacity to access and run the online resources at Central Carolina. We will do our best to assist you with your computer problems; however, it is your responsibility to resolve any issues with your computer.

Computer Software: At a minimum, you will need Microsoft Word to complete written assignments. In addition, some online courses have specific application software requirements. You will need to check the syllabus for your course and ensure that you the correct software required in your course. Note: Central Carolina uses Word 2013. If you have a lower version, you will need to download a free Compatibility Pack from Microsoft.

Downloads: You will need a free copy of Adobe Reader to open PDF files and Adobe Flash to view some of the pages and applications in D2L. You may also need a video player like Windows Media Player or Real Player to view videos.

Internet: You will need reliable Internet service or access to wi-fi and a properly tuned web browser.

Browser: The following table shows the browsers that are known to work with myCCTC and Desire2Learn. It is possible that more recent browser versions will also work. The most reliable browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. (Note: You may experience difficulties with Internet Explorer)  You can download Firefox free at: and Google Chrome at:

Supported Browser List
Internet Explorer 10 Supported
Internet Explorer 9 Supported
Internet Explorer 8 Unsupported
Firefox (newest) Supported
Firefox 17.0 Unsupported
Firefox (older) Unsupported
Chrome (newest)  Supported
Safari 6.0 Supported
Safari 5.1 Supported
Safari (older) Unsupported
Tablet Support for Desktop Web
Android Browser (newest) Supported
iOS Safari (newest) Supported
Microsoft Surface IE 10 Supported
Playbook Browser (newest) Supported
Mobile Web
iOS 6 Supported
iOS 5 Maintenance
iOS 3, 4 Unsupported
Android 4.0 - 4.2 Supported
Android 2.2 - 3.2 Maintenance
Android 1.5 - 2.1 Unsupported
Blackberry 7, 10 Supported
Blackberry 6 Maintenance

You can check your browser for Desire2Learn by going to this page: 

You will need to enable JavaScript, SSL, and Style Sheets on your browser. These options are usually enabled by default. If you do need to change your settings go to the menu at the top of your Web browser screen and select TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS then ADVANCED (tab). You will find a checklist that allows you to select the necessary options. If you need Java, you can download it free at

In order to use the Chat application in myCCTC or Desire2Learn, your Internet browser must be able to access and run a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The first time you try to use Chat without a JVM, you will be prompted to install a plug-in. If you accept the plug-in, a JVM will be installed and configured for your Netscape browser and you will no longer see the warning message.

While using Desire2Learn, if you are unable to view Discussion postings, Quiz windows, and download links you may have a pop-up blocker running on your computer. To disable pop-up killers or ad-blockers: a) Search your hard drive for any software with "pop-up" in the name and disable it. Examples of popular pop-up killer applications include: Pop-Up Stopper, Pop-Up Defender, and Pop-Up Zapper. b) Disable pop-up killing or ad-blocking functions included your anti-virus, Internet security, personal firewall, and browser programs.  Examples include: Norton Internet Security, and AOL.

Technology Check-List for D2L / Online Classes

-- Up-to-date, reliable, working computer

-- Working printer or storage device

-- Internet accessibility (DSL, broadband, wireless connection)

-- Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) (NOTE: CCTC uses 2013)

-- Course-specific software (See course syllabus)

-- PDF Reader (file viewer)

-- Microsoft Media Player (video Player)

-- Adobe Shockwave Player (Flash)

-- Compatible Web Browser with JAVA and "cookies" enabled (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

-- Pop-up Blockers and Firewalls set for compatibility with Desire2Learn

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