Web Development Certificate (WBDV)

36 Semester Hours

The Web Development Certificate is designed for individuals who have a strong desire to develop skills as an entry level worker in the web development, web design, and web support field. Students will develop skills in the following areas: web design, internet programming, digital vector graphics, internet programming with databases, effective communication and marketing.

Graduates of this program are prepared for careers in a variety of web design and development positions in any global business environment.

Authorized certification course materials (MOS—Microsoft Office Specialist and ACE—Adobe Certified Expert) are used in a variety of the courses. Graduates are encouraged to obtain their certification.

All Computer Technology (CPT) and Information Systems Technology (IST) courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better in order to count toward graduation.


Developmental Courses

This program of study requires that all developmental courses must be completed prior to graduation. These developmental courses may or may not be prerequisites to courses required in the program. Developmental courses are determined by placement tests taken at the time of admission into the College. The developmental courses are ENG 032, MAT 031, MAT 032, and RDG 032. These courses do not count for credit in any program of study.


Following is a list of courses required to complete this program. Since some courses are offered once a year, courses should be taken in the following sequence in order to complete the program in a timely manner:

FALL SEMESTER Class Lab Credit
COL 105        Freshman Seminar 3 0 3
CPT 101        Introduction to Computers 3 0 3
CPT 168        Programming Logic and Design 3 0 3
MKT 101       Marketing 3 0 3
Total 12 0 12


CPT 172        Microcomputer Database* 3 0 3
IST 226         Internet Programming 3 0 3
CPT 242        Database 3 0 3
IST 237         Intermediate Website Design 3 0 3
Total 12 0 12


CPT 239        Active Server Pages 3 0 3
CPT 283        PHP Programming I 3 0 3
CPT 160        Digital Vector Graphics I* 3 0 3
CPT 240        Internet Programming with Database 3 0 3
Total 12 0 12

*ACE & MOS certification courses.


This program is aligned with the following career cluster: Information Technology.