Complete Directory

 Accardi, Andrew E.(803) 778-6628
Science-Department Chair
 Adams, Teneisha(803) 778-6660
Financial Aid Counselor
 Allen-Lint, Cheryl(803) 778-6694
 Alston, Faith(803) 774-3375
Administrative Assistant
 Anderson, Susan(803) 473-2531
F.E. DuBose Career Center-Director
 Applewhite, Chaniece(803) 774-3320
Payroll Administrator
 Ardis, Mary Jo(803) 778-6675
Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing-Department Chair
 Avins, Trey (803) 778-6662
Welding Instructor
 Babb, Debbie(803) 778-6613
 Barefoot, Larry(803) 778-7897
Information Resource Coordinator
 Barfield, Mike(803) 778-7829
User Support Services Associate
 Bastedo, Elizabeth(803) 778-6626
QEP Coordinator
 Bell, Amy
 Belser, Myrna(803) 473-2531
Clarendon County Adult Education-Instructor
 Bernard, Kenneth(803) 778-7859
Financial Aid Counselor/SAP and Verification
 Bird, Rica(803) 778-7881
User Support Services Manager
 Bishop, Nancy(803) 778-6638
Business&Public Services-Dean
 Black, Jennifer(803) 778-6616
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
 Blanding, Jeanette(803) 774-3342
Bookstore Clerk
 Booth, Terry(803) 778-6624
Vice President for Business Affairs
 Boyer-Parker, Shauna(803) 778-7887
Information Technology-Faculty
 Bracken, Lisa(803) 778-6652
Vice President for Student Affairs
 Bradshaw, Bernard(803) 473-2531
Trades Specialist
 Brewer, Johnette(803) 778-7884
Library Specialist
 Brown, Kevin(803) 778-6686
 Brown, Louise(803) 774-3357
 Buddin, Patricia(803) 774-3309
Accounting Technician-Accounts Payable
 Burke, Mark A.(803) 473-2531
Welding-Vocational Instructor
 Busbee, Marion(803) 778-6659
Information Technology-Faculty
 Campbell, Belinda(803) 778-7821
Administrative Specialist/ Test Proctor
 Campbell, Uniqua(803) 778-7429
Part-time Administrative Specialist
 Castleberry, Joshua(803) 778-6601
Environmental and Natural Resources - Department Chair
 Caulkins, Susan(803) 778-7804
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Chandler, Britney(803) 774-3385
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
 Cocklin, Renee(803) 774-3306
Test Proctor
 Coker, Donna(803) 774-3337
Administrative Specialist
 Coker, Lisa(803) 473-2531
Health Sciences-Vocational Instructor
 Coker, Sherry(803) 473-2531
Administrative Specialist
 Conyers, Angela(803) 473-2531
Administrative Specialist/Test Proctor
 Cooper, Ann(803) 778-6636
Vice President for Administration and Planning
 Covington, Natasha(803) 778-6600
Administrative Assistant
 Cox, Matthew(803) 778-7893
 Curry, Rebecca(803) 778-6682
iWRC Administrative Specialist
 Davis, Ashley E.(803) 774-3364
 Davis, Clint(803) 774-3391
Trades Specialist
 Davis, Elliott L.(803) 778-6623
Security Officer
 Davis, Marie (803) 778-6617
 DeGraw, Cheryl(803) 778-7808
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Dimitriadis, Lisa(803) 778-6637
Speech, Humanities & Social Sciences-Department Chair
 Dinkins, Pam(803) 778-7802
Early Care and Education-Academic Program Manager
 Driggers, Sammie(803) 473-2531
Automotive Technology-Vocational Faculty
 Duffie, Mark(803) 778-6630
 Elmore, Betsy(803) 774-3348
Administrative Specialist
 Elmore-Rivers, Sharhonda(803) 774-3363
 Erbach-Manankil, Nancy(803) 778-7803
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Evans, Jackie(803) 778-7855
Administrative Coordinator
 Evans, Marian(803) 473-2531
Administrative Specialist
 Felder, Beverly(803) 473-2531
Clarendon County Adult Education-Instructor
 Floyd, Austin(803) 774-3336
Student Life Coordinator
 Floyd, Charisma(803) 778-6666
English Faculty
 Foote, Larry(803) 778-7842
Information Technology-Faculty
 Fox, Katrina(803) 774-3378
Student Retention Coordinator
 Freeland, Emily(803) 778-7867
Career and Learning Services-Director
 Fulcher, Diane(803) 778-7812
Academic Services Coordinator
 Fulcher, James(803) 778-7846
 Fulton, Dynissia(803)  774-3372
Administrative Specialist II - PBI Grant
 Galuppi, Deceia(803) 425-8388
Administrative Specialist / Test Proctor
 Geddings, Jane(803) 473-2531
Computer Technology-Vocational Faculty
 Gibson, Sena(803) 778-7828
Pre-Allied Health-Academic Program Manager
 Glynn, Juliana(803) 483-2282 or (803) 774-3311
Administrative Specialist / Test Proctor
 Goddard, Holly(803) 778-6623
Safety and Security-Director
 Gordon, Golda(803) 778-7807
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Graham, Betsy L.(803) 774-3396
Simulation Laboratory Technician Coordinator
 Graham, Tammie(803) 473-2531
Cosmetology-Vocational Instructor
 Green, Cortney(803) 425-8388
 Griffin, Julie(803) 473-2531
Clarendon County Adult Education-Director
 Griffin, Robert(803) 473-2531
Carpentry-Vocational Faculty
 Gulledge, Beverly(803) 778-7822
Faculty-AD & PN Nursing
 Hall, Christopher(803) 778-7827
Criminal Justice Technology-Academic Program Manager
 Hancock, Bert(803) 778-6679
Mechatronics-Academic Program Manager
 Hardee, B. Tim(803) 778-6640
 Hayes, Hannah Maria(803) 778-6602
Media Specialist
 Haynes, Ron(803) 778-7862
Industrial Technology-Program Manager
 Herod, Jacob(803) 778-7898
BOOST Recruiter
 Hill, Latosha(803) 473-2531
Guidance Counselor
 Hinkle, Gary R.(803) 778-6645
 Hoefer, Nancy(803) 778-6609
Reading/College Skills-Faculty
 Hooks, Vicky M.(803) 778-6612
Information Systems-Director
 Hopkins, Len(803) 778-6663
 Houser, Connie(803) 473-2531
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Howington, Michael(803) 778-7899
Information Resource Coordinator
 Humphries, Ladell(803) 778-7814
Machine Tool-Academic Program Manager
 Hurst, Alexis(803) 778-6632
 Jackson, Brent(803) 778-7857
Massage Therapy-Academic Program Manager
 James, Willodine(803) 774-3368
Administrative Specialist
 Jeffords, Allison(803) 425-8388
Program Manager/Admissions Counselor
 Jeffords, Lisa(803) 778-7835
Financial Aid Counselor/Work Study Program
 Johnson, Ann(803) 778-7854
 Johnson, Cynthia(803) 778-6629
Admissions Counselor
 Johnson, Gary(803) 778-7875
Paralegal-Academic Program Manager
 Johnson, Joshua M.(803) 778-7844
Administrative Specialist
 Johnson, Linda(803) 778-7830
Data Coordinator
 Johnson, Mark(803) 778-6692
 Johnson, Mary(803) 778-6677
Medical Record Coding-Academic Program Manager
 Jones, Anita(803) 774-3362
 Jones, Farrell(803) 778-6619
Systems Manager
 Jones, Jennifer(803) 778-7876
Human Resource Specialist
 Jones, Jessica(803) 778-7894
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Karlinsky, Annette803) 778-7831
Administrative Specialist
 Keller, Simone(803) 774-3338
 Ketterer, Deborah(803) 774-3355
 King, Barbara(803) 473-2531
Administrative Specialist
 King, Shawntay(803) 778-6618
Admissions Counselor
 Kinlaw-Shaw, Willa(803) 473-2531
Culinary Arts-Vocational Instructor
 Lachance, Judy(803) 778-7818
Early Care and Education-Faculty
 Laney, Miriam(803) 778-7825
Health Sciences-Dean
 Lauterbach, Pat(803) 778-7840
Inventory/Property Control Manager
 Lea, Jessica(803) 778-7836
 Lee, Kenneth(803) 774-3391
Trades Specialist III
 Lewis, Linda D.(803) 778-7849
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Liuzzo, Meta(803) 778-7831
Financial Aid Data Coordinator/Banner Representative
 Love, Zahira(803) 778-6648
Secondary Programs Coordinator
 Marshall, Lynda(803) 774-3390
Director, BOOST Program
 Martin, John R.(803) 469-2350
Natural Resources Management Instructor
 May, Bryan(803) 778-7841
Research and Institutional Effectiveness-Director
 McAlister, Meree(803) 778-6646
 McCauley, Deborah(803) 778-7838
Statistical and Research Analyst
 McClendon, Jeffrey(803) 778-6639
Print Shop Operator
 McDonald, Richard(803) 778-6631
TRiO Counselor
 McDuffie, Cindi(803) 778-6673
Career Services Coordinator
 McElveen, Christi(803) 774-3367
Administrative Specialist
 McElveen, Lynn(803) 473-2531
 McFarland, Melissa(803) 778-6667
English-Department Chair/Associate in Arts-Academic Program Manager
 McGainey, Tiffani(803) 778-6625
Information Technology-Faculty
 McIntosh, Kathy(803) 778-7861
Simulation Laboratory Coordinator
 McLane, Linda(803) 774-3333
Administrative Specialist
 McLaughlin, Michael(803) 778-6654
Information Technology-Faculty
 McLeod, Candi(803) 778-7806
AD Nursing-Faculty
 McMahon, Martha(803) 774-3322
Accounting Technician-Accounts Receivable
 McRee, Priscilla(803) 778-6698
Admissions Counselor/Special Populations Program
 Midgette, Timothy(803) 778-6655
 Mitchell, Monica(803) 774-3306
Test Proctor
 Moore, David(803) 778-6674
Automotive Mechanics-Academic Program Manager
 Morant-Wilson, Nada R.(803) 778-7845
Financial Aid Counselor / Veterans' Affairs Officer
 Moseley, Patricia(803) 778-6685
 Moser, Leslie(803) 778-7833
Accounting-Assistant Director
 Mulloy, Cathy(803) 774-3346
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Neal, A. Sierra(803) 774-3361
Recruitment, Outreach, and Testing-Director
 Neil, Mark(803) 778-6669
Auxiliary Services-Director
 Nelligan, Lisa(803) 778-7823
Human Services-Academic Program Manager
 Nichols, Jackson T.(803) 774-3328
 Osborne, Beverly(803) 774-3306
Testing Center Coordinator
 Padmore, Gwendolyn(803) 778-7883
Accounting Technician-Accounts Payable
 Parker, Ginger(803) 778-6670
Administrative Specialist
 Parker, Gwendolyn(803) 774-3331
TRiO Student Support Services-Director
 Pelletier, Wes(803) 666-2422 or (803) 778-7821
Military Programs Coordinator, USAF (RET)
 Perry, Jennifer(803) 778-6606
 Phillips, James(803) 778-1961
Trades Specialist
 Pierson, Archie(803) 778-6684
 Poindexter, Kevin(803) 425-8388
 Poole, Joey(803) 778-6657
 Presson, Butch(803) 778-6649
Water/Wastewater-Program Manager
 Presson, Cynthia(803) 774-3389
Distance Education Instructional Technologist
 Price, Deborah(803) 774-3350
Fiscal Technician II-Accounts Receivable
 Pritchard, Richard(803) 778-6683
Information Technology-Faculty
 Propst, John(803) 778-6691
Electronics Technology-Faculty
 Qualtrough, Ed(803) 774-3391
Trades Supervisor
 Rauch, Richard(803) 774-3341
Custodial Supervisor
 Reardon, Diana(803) 774-3354
Administrative Assistant
 Reis, Axel(803) 778-7863
Welding-Academic Program Manager
 Richardson, Deborah(803) 778-7837
Allied Health-Program Manager
 Rickenbaker, Becky(803) 774-3335
Public Relations-Director
 Ridgill, Anne(803) 473-2531
Early Childhood Education-Vocational Faculty
 Rivers, Crystal(803) 778-7874
User Support Services Associate
 Rivers, Dottye(803) 778-7858
Senior Applications Analyst
 Robinson, Denise(803) 778-7851
Head Librarian
 Robinson, Orlando(803)778-7870
 Robinson, Wendell(803) 774-3360
 Rowe, Thomas(803) 778-7832
Applications Analyst
 Russell, Brent(803) 778-6689
Industrial & Engineering Technology-Dean
 Sanders-Hernandez, Stacia(803) 778-7871
Admissions Counselor/ADA Coordinator
 Schoolfield, Darla R(803) 425-8388
Administrative Assistant
 Scott, Audra(803) 774-3359
Practical Nursing-Faculty
 Scott, Henrietta(803) 774-3339
 Seymour, Deborah(803) 774-3316
Administration & Planning Assistant
 Shaw, Lisa(803) 473-2531 or (803) 425-8388 or (803) 778-1961 ext. 607
Financial Aid Counselor
 Shaw-Henderson, Joanne(803) 778-7864
Cashier/Graduation Coordinator
 Sherman, Rhonda(803) 473-2531
Program Manager/Admissions Counselor
 Shrift, James(803)778-7860
readySC Project Manager
 Simmons, Franklin(803) 473-2531
Trades Specialist
 Simmons, Jeffrey D.(803) 778-6621
Pharmacy Technician-Academic Program Manager
 Simmons, Kara(803) 778-7810
Speech Faculty
 Sims, Scott A.(803) 778-6661
Instructor - Mathematics
 Singleton, Vicki(803) 774-3371
Secondary Programs and Retention-Director
 Small, Rebecca(803) 774-3303
Administrative Assistant
 Smith, David(803) 778-6620
Senior Applications Analyst
 Smith, Jernitha(803) 778-6622
FA Technical Services Manager
 Stadalsky, Ronald(803) 778-7843
Assistant Systems Manager
 Stephenson, Lara(803) 778-6672
Admissions Counselor
 Stewart, Gwendolyn(803) 774-3356
Information Technology-Faculty
 Stover, Ronalda(803) 778-6688
 Sullivan-Ham, Katheryn(803) 473-2531
 Szupka, Jenny(803) 774-3343
Distance Education Program Coordinator
 Teseniar, Wynn(803) 778-7872
English - Faculty
 Thompson, Denise(803) 774-3334
Administrative Specialist II
 Tisdel, Jason E.(803) 774-3351
Mathematics-Department Chair/Associate in Science-Academic Program Manager
 Todd, Jasmine(803) 778-6610
Data and Grants Coordinator
 Trask, David(803) 774-3379
iWRC Recruitment Counselor
 Tuders, David C.(803) 778-6678
Engineering Graphics-Academic Program Manager
 Tuders, Leann(803) 778-6605
Administrative Specialist II
 Turner, Michel(803) 778-6682
Industrial Electricity/Electronics-Faculty
 Turner, Ralph(803) 778-6690
Physical Plant-Director
 Tyner, Bobby(803) 778-6684
HVAC Instructor
 Valcourt, Joseph(803) 778-6653
 Vipperman, Rebecca(803) 778-7817
Human Resource Manager
 Walker, Mary(803) 774-3308
Administrative Specialist
 Washington, Crystal F.(803) 778-6623
Security Specialist
 Watkins, Chris(803) 778-7886
HVAC-Academic Program Manager
 Watkins, Raymond(803) 778-6664
Speech/Humanities/Social Science-Faculty
 Watson, David(803) 778-7882
Vice President for Academic Affairs
 Watson, John(803) 778-6676
Accounting/Management-Department Chair
 Weber, Brie(803) 778-7811
Surgical Technology-Academic Program Manager
 Weber, Max(803) 778-7805
 Weber, Penny(803) 778-6680
 Weinberg, Pam(803) 778-7826
AD Nursing-Faculty
 Wells, Barbara(803) 778-6687
Information Technology-Department Chair
 Wells, Jamison(803) 774-3391
Building/Grounds Specialist III
 Wheeler, Mickey(803) 778-7809
Medical Assisting-Academic Program Manager
 Wick, Lynnette(803) 778-7847
 Wilk, Stanley(803) 473-2531
Vocational Faculty
 Williams, Elizabeth(803) 778-7873
Workforce Development & SCETC-Director
 Williams, Myles(803) 778-6643
General Education-Dean
 Wilson, Catherine(803) 774-3342
Bookstore Clerk
 Wilson, Hope(803) 778-7834
TRiO Counselor
 Wilson, Joyce(803) 774-3301
Administrative Specialist
 Wilson, Tiffany(803) 778-6668
Financial Aid and Veterans' Affairs-Director
 Wooddell, Roger(803) 774-3340
Trades Specialist
 Wright, Barbara(803) 778-6695
Admissions and Records-Director
 Young, Susan(803) 778-6656
Administrative Specialist

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