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Central Carolina Technical College's Workforce Development Division is dedicated to providing quality training and technical assistance to business, industry, and government agencies. We deliver customized contract training programs and services at convenient times and locations to meet the needs of our clients.

We are committed to finding solutions for your workforce training issues. Our Workforce Development team will work with your organization to explore, develop and deliver training that best suit your needs.

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Our industrial training programs are customized to help train employees to become highly-skilled professionals. CCTC is dedicated to providing business and industry with training resources that help them stay competitive, efficient, and to produce a quality product. 

CCTC's leadership and management programs are designed to help develop the skills and knowledge that are essential to every organization. Each program is customized - incorporating organizational specific examples into the curriculum.

Managers, first line supervisors, and team leaders will benefit from this training and will be able to incorporate their new leadership skills into the day-to-day operations of your organization.

A safe working environment is every employee's responsibility. Organizations are charged with providing regular training to teach employees to react to impending dangers and recognize unsafe environments. CCTC's qualified safety instructors can customize and deliver training at your facility to help meet these needs.

Emergency response training can save a life. CCTC provides hands-on training to prepare employees to respond to many emergency situations until medical professionals arrive.

Computer technology is constantly changing. CCTC can offer computer training at your facility on all versions of Microsoft Office & Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Training can be customized for novice to expert users.

The WorkKeys job profiling component offers a concrete way to analyze the skills and sill levels needed for specific jobs. Comparing job profile information with individuals' scores on WorkKeys test, organizations can make reliable decisions about hiring, training, and program development.

Central Carolina offers customized training and services that will help your organization improve the speed, flexibility and quality of your processes.

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