TEAS Testing

The Test of Essential Academic Skills covers English and Language Usage, Math, Reading and Science. The test is approximately 3 hours long. Your scores will print out immediately. There is a 30 day waiting period between testing. AN APPLICANT MAY TAKE THE TEAS TEST TWICE IN A CALENDAR YEAR (JANUARY 1ST THRU DECEMBER 31ST). AN APPLICANT MAY TAKE THE TEAS NO MORE THAN FOUR TIMES.

You will first need to create a username and password on www.atitesting.com prior to registering for the TEAS. Once you have created your username and password, click the icon to register for the TEAS at www.atitesting.com. The TEAS fee is $66. 

  • All Registrations are non-refundable and non-changeable.
  • The $66 fee is non-refundable non-changeable.
  • Non-CCTC students will pay an additional $20 proctor fee to the cashier.
  • The day of testing you must bring a picture ID, Username/Password. If you do not have these you will not be able to test.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to test start time for check in.   Due to limited seating and the nature of this standardized test, we will not be able to accommodate examinees that arrive late.
  • Calculators are NOT allowed
  • Bring 2 or more #2 pencils
  • Scratch paper will be provided by the Testing Center

Central Carolina will not accept TEAS test scores from students that have taken the test more than twice in an academic year or within the 30 day waiting period.  An applicant may take the TEAS no more than four times. 
A free practice test is available on http://www.testpreview.com/. You can also purchase an online practice test and study manual on http://www.atitesting.com/. The TEAS Pre-Test Study Manual can be ordered from the bookstore.

Time listed for Test Dates is the start time of the test.

Upcoming Test Dates:

May 159:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
May 169:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
May 229:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
May 239:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
June 69:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
June 129:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
June 139:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
June 269:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
July 119:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
July 189:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
July 259:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
August 19:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
August 89:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
August 159:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
August 229:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
August 299:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
September 129:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
September 199:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
October 109:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
October 249:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
November 79:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
November 149:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
December 59:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109
December 129:00AMBldg M100/Rm M109

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