Special Populations Program

This federally funded program (Perkins Title IV) provides assistance for the following:

  • individuals with disabilities
  • individuals from disadvantaged families
  • single parents
  • single pregnant women
  • displaced homemakers
  • individuals with other barriers to education including those with limited English proficiency

Books, child care, and transportation assistance may be provided to qualified students.

Students who are interested must complete a Special Populations Application, meet eligibility qualifications, and maintain specific academic standards. This program is administered by the Special Populations Coordinator's Office located in Building M300 on the Main Campus. Please contact the Special Populations Coordinator for more information.

Contact Information:

NAME: Priscilla McRee
TITLE: Admissions Counselor/Special Populations Program
DEPARTMENT: Student Affairs/Admissions and Records
EMAIL: mcreepk@cctech.edu
PHONE: (803) 778-6698

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Date/Time Published:5/29/2015 17:02