Other Financial Aid Information

The FAFSA can be submitted prior to being admitted to a program of study. However, financial aid cannot be awarded until the applicant is accepted into an eligible program.  Aid is awarded each year on a first-come, first-served basis.  To ensure the best aid package available, apply immediately after completing your tax forms, or January 1st if you are not required to file a tax form.

If you are expecting to receive any type of aid from a source other than Central Carolina Technical College, you must send a copy of the award notice to the Financial Aid Office. If you are enrolled in more than one college in the same semester, you may only receive financial assistance from one college at a time.

If you apply for assistance after July 1 for fall or November 1 for spring semester, you should not expect aid to be finalized before classes begin. However, every effort will be made to make an award provided the file can be brought to completion. The Deferred Payment Plan is made available through the Central Carolina Technical College Business Office. Information regarding the payment plan may be obtained from the Business office.

You may check the status of your financial aid award and any future adjustments by logging in to myCCTC, then using the Registration & Student Records link on the myCCTC tab.

  • To see your Financial Aid Shopping Sheet Award Notification, use the Financial Aid tab and then click on the FA Shopping Sheet link. Put in the appropriate aid year to review your award information.
  • To review your overall Financial Aid Status to include important messages, use the Financial Aid tab and on the sentence 'You have been 'awarded' Financial Aid', click on 'awarded'.
  • Please be sure to click on the bottom for AWARD MESSAGES and read to determine if you must complete any additional steps to accept the award; SC Need Base Grant or LIFE Scholarship.
  • Central Carolina Technical College reserves the right to adjust any aid offered based on verification of eligibility and enrollment status.

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Date/Time Published:5/28/2015 2:14