Student Learning Center (Academics in Motion)

The Student Learning Center is dedicated to providing timely, accessible, and effective support for CCTC students to attain academic success and program completion. We focus on providing academic support for students in developmental and entry-level Math, English, Biology, Accounting, and Computer Technology courses. We also help students with upper-level courses in these fields and with other courses where related skills, such as math, writing and computer technology, are needed. In addition, we help students with fundamental study skills essential for creating a solid foundation for academic success.

The Center strives for timeliness by providing tutoring services when students are ready. Tutoring services are accessible in that we offer a variety of learning avenues to reinforce and supplement classroom and online instruction, while considering our students' life and learning styles. Tutoring services are measured for effectiveness to ensure efforts result in real academic gains.

The Student Learning Center is located on the Main Campus, Building M500, Room M585.

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