Residency Requirements for Fees and Tuition

The amount of tuition and fees you pay while attending Central Carolina Technical College shall be determined by your residency status. The rules regarding the establishment of residence for fee and tuition purposes at the College are governed by the Code of Laws of South Carolina, regulations disseminated by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and by the Central Carolina Technical College Commission.

Central Carolina Technical College is required under South Carolina Law 59-112 to determine residency classification of applicants and students for purposes of receiving in-state tuition and fees. Substantiating documentation is required to affirm residency status. Additional information may be requested if further clarification is needed.

You must complete a residency declaration form. Admissions counselors will review the form to determine the residency status of the applicant.

Active duty military members and dependents must complete the residency declaration form and the appropriate Central Carolina military verification form.

Registration & Fees

Each semester has unique payment deadlines, refund dates, academic calendars, and tuition & fees. In this section of the site, this information is listed by page and also broken down by semester. Other pertinent information on payment options, parking and student IDs is also located here.

If you have any questions about your account, please contact the Business Office.

Estimated Total Program

This page provides a list of all academic programs.  Click on the program to see an estimate of the total costs to complete the program.

Estimated Total Program Costs

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