Academic Affairs    (803) 774-3368
English Faculty   Floyd, Charisma 
Administrative Specialist   James, Willodine 
Vice President for Academic Affairs   Watson, David 

Accounting    (803) 778-6694
Accounting-Director   Allen-Lint, Cheryl 

Admissions    (803) 778-6605
Administrative Specialist II   Tuders, Leann 

Alumni Partnership    (803) 778-6671
Administrative Assistant   Small, Rebecca 

Bookstore    (803) 778-6669 OR (803) 774-3342
Auxiliary Services-Director   Neil, Mark 

Business Affairs    (803) 774-3333
Administrative Specialist   McLane, Linda 
Vice President for Business Affairs   Booth, Terry 

Career Services    (803) 778-7867
Administrative Assistant   Covington, Natasha 
Career Services Coordinator   McDuffie, Cindi 
Career and Learning Services-Director   Freeland, Emily 

Cashier    (803) 778-7864
Cashier/Graduation Coordinator   Shaw-Henderson, Joanne 

Disability Services    (803) 778-7871
Admissions Counselor/ADA Coordinator   Sanders-Hernandez, Stacia 

Distance Education    (803) 774-3343
Distance Education Instructional Technologist   Presson, Cynthia 
Distance Education Program Coordinator   Szupka, Jenny 

Financial Aid    (803) 778-7831
Financial Aid Counselor   Shaw, Lisa 
Financial Aid Counselor / Veterans' Affairs Officer   Morant-Wilson, Nada R. 
Financial Aid Counselor   Adams, Teneisha 
Administrative Specialist   Karlinsky, Annette 
Financial Aid and Veterans' Affairs-Director   Wilson, Tiffany 
Part-time Administrative Specialist   Campbell, Uniqua 

Foundation    (803) 778-6646
Foundation-Director   McAlister, Meree 

Information Systems   
Information Systems-Director   Hooks, Vicky M. 

Library    (803) 778-6647
Library Specialist   Brewer, Johnette 
Head Librarian   Robinson, Denise 

Maintenance    (803) 774-3391
Physical Plant-Director   Turner, Ralph 

Media Center    (803) 778-6647
Head Librarian   Robinson, Denise 

Payment Plan    (803) 774-3322 OR 774-3350
Accounting Technician-Accounts Receivable   McMahon, Martha 
Fiscal Technician II-Accounts Receivable   Price, Deborah 

Human Resource Specialist   Jones, Jennifer 
Human Resource Manager   Vipperman, Rebecca 
Personnel-Director   Stover, Ronalda 

Physical Plant    (803) 778-6690

Planning and Institutional Effectiveness    (803) 774-3303
Administrative Assistant   Small, Rebecca 
Vice President for Administration and Planning   Cooper, Ann 

Public Relations    (803) 778-7820
Webmaster   Duffie, Mark 
Media Specialist   Hayes, Hannah Maria 
Public Relations-Director   Rickenbaker, Becky 

Purchasing    (803) 778-6694
Accounting-Director   Allen-Lint, Cheryl 

Recruiter   Brown, Kevin 
Recruiter   Keller, Simone 

Registrar    (803) 774-3339
Registrar   Scott, Henrietta 

S.C. Environmental Training Center    (803) 778-6656
Administrative Specialist   Young, Susan 

Security    (803) 778-6623
Security Specialist   Washington, Crystal F. 
Security Officer   Davis, Elliott L. 
Safety and Security-Director   Goddard, Holly 

Student Activities    (803) 774-3336
Student Life Coordinator   Floyd, Austin 

Student Affairs    (803) 778-7855
Administrative Specialist   Johnson, Joshua M. 
Administrative Coordinator   Evans, Jackie 
Vice President for Student Affairs   Bracken, Lisa 

Student Billing    (803) 774-3322 OR (803) 774-3350
Fiscal Technician II-Accounts Receivable   Price, Deborah 
Accounting Technician-Accounts Receivable   McMahon, Martha 

Student Information    (803) 778-7830
Data Coordinator   Johnson, Linda 

Student Learning Services    (803) 774-3381
Academic Services Coordinator   Fulcher, Diane 

Student Records    (803) 778-7830
Registrar   Scott, Henrietta 

Switchboard    (803) 778-1961 OR Toll-Free 1-800-221-8711

Testing Center    (803) 774-3306
Test Proctor   Cocklin, Renee 
Testing Center Coordinator   Osborne, Beverly 

User Support Services    (803) 778-6607
User Support Services Manager   Bird, Rica 

Veterans' Affairs    (803) 778-7845
Financial Aid Counselor / Veterans' Affairs Officer   Morant-Wilson, Nada R. 

Workforce Development    (803)778-6656
Administrative Specialist   Young, Susan 
Industrial Technology-Program Manager   Haynes, Ron 

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