Academic Programs of Study General Information

Sequence of Courses
Course requirements for programs are listed in semester displays. (Students may also receive semester displays from Admissions) These semester displays indicate the suggested semester sequence of courses. Since many students have outside responsibilities, such as a family or work, students may take longer to finish their chosen program of study. However, students should pay close attention to the semester displays, because sometimes one course is a prerequisite for another course; that is, you must satisfactorily complete a certain course before you are allowed to enroll in the next course in the sequence. Students should discuss course sequencing with a college advisor or counselor.

Frequency of Course Offerings
Most courses listed are offered at least one semester a year. Some courses are offered every semester, but many are available only in the semester listed in semester displays. The semester displays show the scheduled semester that courses should be offered; however, sometimes courses are cancelled because of low enrollment. Students are encouraged to enroll in courses in the recommended sequence in order to graduate in a timely manner.

General Education Courses
Each associate degree program consists of a basic core of general education courses containing a minimum of 15 credit semester hours required for degree completion. Each diploma program consists of a core of at least 8 semester hours of general education courses. These courses provide a collegiate-level curriculum, support a breadth of knowledge, and are based on a coherent rationale. Courses from which the student may choose are found in the College's Catalog and Student Handbook publication. Students should confirm with their academic advisor that their general education courses meet the required criteria. 
The general education core includes at least one course from each of the following areas: the humanities/fine arts, the social/behavioral sciences, and the natural sciences/mathematics. 
Note: Some courses require prerequisites.


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