Business & Public Service Division

The Business and Public Service Division at Central Carolina Technical College prepares students for professional careers in accountancy, criminal justice technology, early care and education, environmental engineering technology, human services, information technology, natural resources management, management, and paralegal, as well as for opportunities to transfer to senior colleges and universities.

The Business and Public Service Division at Central Carolina Technical College is committed to graduating students who will be productive members of society with strong values and ethics; who will have employability skills, including oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving, analytical, scientific and computational skills; who can utilize and adapt to new technology and accept and initiate change; and who have an appreciation for cultural diversity, are self-directed and self-disciplined, and have the ability to function cooperatively. Our rigorous programs of study are designed to provide students with the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge and grow intellectually, professionally, and personally. Our faculty have high expectations and provide engaging learning environments that continually challenge individuals to advanced levels of competency and achievement. As a learning community, certain policies and procedures are required to outline and administer expected behavior, promote respect and collegiality, and provide a learning environment that is safe and accessible.

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Date/Time Published:5/27/2015 17:08