Early Care and Education

ECD 101 Introduction to Early Childhood

ECD 102 Growth and Development I

ECD 105 Guidance-Classroom Management

ECD 107 Exceptional Children

ECD 108 Family and Community Relations

ECD 109 Administration and Supervision

ECD 131 Language Arts

ECD 132 Creative Experiences

ECD 133 Science and Math Concepts

ECD 135 Health, Safety, and Nutrition

ECD 200 Curriculum Issues in Infant and Toddler Development

ECD 201 Principles of Ethics and Leadership

ECD 203 Growth and Development II

ECD 205 Socialization and Group Care of Infants and Toddlers

ECD 207 Inclusive Care for Infants and Toddlers

ECD 237 Methods and Materials

ECD 243 Supervised Field Experience I

ECD 251 Supervised Field Experiences in Infant/Toddler Environment

ECD 270 Foundations in Early Care and Education

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