Admission Requirements

  • Students must meet the general admission requirements to the College as well as requirements for all Health Sciences students listed at the beginning of the Health Sciences Program section of this catalog.
  • The Massage Therapy Program has limited enrollment and students are admitted annually in the fall semester.
  • Applicants will be accepted as they submit completed applications to the program manager until all seats are filled.
  • Qualified applicants must have completed all developmental and prerequisite courses prior to accepance into the massage therapy courses (MTH).
  • Qualified applicants must submit completed physical examination forms provided by the Health Sciences Division and proof of up-to-date vaccinations by the designated deadline.
  • Qualified applicants must submit results of annual tuberculosis test (PPD), and current CPR (Health Care Provider). Online certifcation/recertification will not be accepted.
  • Students must submit information and fees for background checks and toxicology screenings by the designated deadline conducted through Verified Credentials.

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Date/Time Published:5/25/2015 2:17