Course Descriptions, Information and Prerequisites

Prerequisites are listed at the end of each course description. The following is an alpha-numeric listing of course descriptions for all curriculum programs. A three-letter course prefix identifies the program area from which a course is offered. The three-digit course number identifies a specific course within a program.

Once you click on a course, the title and short description will be displayed. The course description will include any prerequisites required. There will also be a group of numbers that represent the class hours per week; laboratory, shop, or co-op work hours per week; and the total semester credit hours awarded for successful completion of the course.


ACC 101 Accounting Principles I

ACC 102 Accounting Principles II

ACC 124 Individual Tax Procedures

ACC 150 Payroll Accounting

ACC 201 Intermediate Accounting I

ACC 230 Cost Accounting I

ACC 240 Computerized Accounting

ACC 245 Accounting Applications

ACC 265 Not-For-Profit Accounting

Administrative Office Technology

AOT 104 Keyboarding and Input Technologies

AOT 110 Document Formatting

AOT 137 Office Accounting

AOT 143 Office Systems and Procedures

AOT 180 Customer Service

AOT 210 Document Production

AOT 251 Administrative Systems and Procedures

AOT 254 Office Simulation

AOT 256 Office Management Skills

AOT 265 Office Desktop Publishing

Air Conditioning and Heating

ACR 106 Basic Electricity for HVAC/R

ACR 109 Tools and Service Techniques I

ACR 110 Heating Fundamentals

ACR 111 Gas Heating Principles

ACR 120 Basic Air Conditioning

ACR 130 Domestic Refrigeration

ACR 131 Commercial Refrigeration

ACR 140 Automatic Controls

ACR 175 EPA 608 Certification Preparation

ACR 210 Heat Pumps

ACR 220 Advanced Air Conditioning

ACR 224 Codes and Ordinances

ACR 225 Industrial Air Conditioning

ACR 250 Duct Fabrication

ACR 252 Special Topics in Air Conditioning and Heating

Allied Health Science

AHS 102 Medical Terminology

AHS 106 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


ANT 101 General Anthropology


ART 101 Art History and Appreciation

ART 105 Film as Art


AST 101 Solar System Astronomy

AST 102 Stellar Astronomy

Automotive Technology

AUT 105 Beginning Engine Repair

AUT 106 Intermediate Engine Repair

AUT 107 Advanced Engine Repair

AUT 111 Brakes

AUT 112 Brake Systems

AUT 115 Manual Drive Train and Axle

AUT 116 Manual Transmission & Axle

AUT 122 Suspension and Alignment

AUT 131 Electrical Systems

AUT 132 Automotive Electricity

AUT 133 Electrical Fundamentals

AUT 141 Intro to Heating & Air Conditioning

AUT 145 Engine Performance

AUT 151 Automotive Transmission/Transaxle

AUT 153 Automotive Transmission Diagnosis

AUT 221 Suspension and Steering Diagnosis

AUT 232 Automotive Accessories

AUT 241 Automotive Air Conditioning

AUT 242 Electronic Climate Controls

AUT 245 Advanced Engine Performance

AUT 262 Advanced Automotive Diagnosis and Repair

Banking and Finance

BAF 201 Principles of Finance


BIO 100 Introductory Biology

BIO 101 Biological Science I

BIO 102 Biological Science II

BIO 112 Basic Anatomy and Physiology

BIO 115 Basic Microbiology

BIO 202 Botany

BIO 203 General Genetics

BIO 205 Ecology

BIO 206 Ecology Lab

BIO 210 Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO 225 Microbiology


BUS 110 Entrepreneurship

BUS 121 Business Law I

BUS 130 Business Communications

BUS 240 Business Statistics

BUS 250 Introduction to International Business


CHM 100 Introductory Chemistry

CHM 105 General Organic and Biochemistry

CHM 110 College Chemistry I

CHM 111 College Chemistry II

College Skills

COL 103 College Skills

Cooperative Work Experience

CWE 112 Cooperative Work Experience I

CWE 113 Cooperative Work Experience I

Computer Technology

CPT 101 Introduction to Computers

CPT 102 Basic Computer Concepts

CPT 105 Visual BASIC Essentials

CPT 115 COBOL Programming I

CPT 168 Programming Logic and Design

CPT 172 Microcomputer Database

CPT 174 Microcomputer Spreadsheets

CPT 176 Microcomputer Operating Systems

CPT 179 Microcomputer Word Processing

CPT 208 Special Topics in Computer Technology

CPT 209 Computer Systems Management

CPT 212 Visual Basic Programming

CPT 213 Advanced Visual Basic Programming

CPT 236 Introduction to Java Programming

CPT 237 Advanced Java Programming

CPT 240 Internet Programming with Databases

CPT 242 Database

CPT 244 Data Structures

CPT 244 Data Structures

CPT 264 Systems and Procedures

CPT 267 Technical Support Concepts

CPT 268 Computer End User Support

CPT 280 SCWE in Computer Technology

CPT 283 PHP Programming I

CPT 288 Computer Game Development I

Criminal Justice Technology

CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ 115 Criminal Law I

CRJ 120 Constitutional Law

CRJ 125 Criminology

CRJ 145 Juvenile Delinquency

CRJ 202 Criminalistics

CRJ 220 Judicial Process

CRJ 222 Ethics in Criminal Justice

CRJ 224 Police Community Relations

CRJ 236 Criminal Evidence

CRJ 242 Correctional Systems

CRJ 244 Probation, Pardon, and Parole

CRJ 250 Criminal Justice Internship I

CRJ 260 Seminar in Criminal Justice

Early Care and Education

ECD 101 Introduction to Early Childhood

ECD 102 Growth and Development I

ECD 105 Guidance-Classroom Management

ECD 107 Exceptional Children

ECD 108 Family and Community Relations

ECD 109 Administration and Supervision

ECD 131 Language Arts

ECD 132 Creative Experiences

ECD 133 Science and Math Concepts

ECD 135 Health, Safety, and Nutrition

ECD 200 Curriculum Issues in Infant and Toddler Development

ECD 201 Principles of Ethics and Leadership

ECD 203 Growth and Development II

ECD 205 Socialization and Group Care of Infants and Toddlers

ECD 207 Inclusive Care for Infants and Toddlers

ECD 237 Methods and Materials

ECD 243 Supervised Field Experience I

ECD 251 Supervised Field Experiences in Infant/Toddler Environment

ECD 270 Foundations in Early Care and Education


ECO 210 Macroeconomics

ECO 211 Microeconomics

Electricity (Mechatronics)

EEM 117 AC/DC Circuits I

EEM 142 Commercial/Industrial Codes

EEM 166 Commercial/Industrial Wiring

EEM 251 Programmable Controllers

EEM 252 Programmable Controllers Applications

Electronics (Mechatronics)

ELT 108 Electrical Machines

ELT 208 Introduction to Robotics

Emergency Medical Technology

EMS 106 Emergency Medical Care II

EMS 105 Emergency Medical Care I

Engineering Technology

EGR 106 Science and Technology I

EGR 170 Engineering Materials

EGR 175 Manufacturing Processes

EGR 194 Statics and Strength of Materials

Engineering Graphics Technology

EGT 105 Basic Civil Drafting

EGT 106 Print Reading and Sketching

EGT 130 Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Applications

EGT 151 Introduction to CAD

EGT 152 Fundamentals of CAD

EGT 156 Intermediate CAD Applications

EGT 172 Electronic Drafting

EGT 220 Structural and Piping Applications

EGT 225 Architectural Drawing Applications

EGT 252 Advanced CAD

EGT 258 Applications of CAD

EGT 282 Rapid Prototyping I


ENG 032 Developmental English

ENG 100 Introduction to Composition

ENG 101 English Composition I

ENG 102 English Composition II

ENG 165 Professional Communications

ENG 203 American Literature Survey

ENG 205 English Literature I

ENG 206 English Literature II

ENG 208 World Literature I

ENG 209 World Literature II

ENG 220 20th and 21st Century Literature

ENG 236 African American Literature

Environmental Engineering Technology

EVT 102 Basic Water Treatment

EVT 103 Basic Water Distribution

EVT 108 Basic Physical Chemical Wastewater

EVT 109 Basic Biological Wastewater

EVT 110 Introduction to Treatment Facilities

EVT 201 Environmental Science

EVT 206 Introduction to Environmental Compliance

EVT 220 Environmental Biology II

EVT 224 Environmental Chemistry Analysis

EVT 225 Best Management Practices (BMP) Applications

EVT 251 Health Effects/Hazardous Materials

EVT 253 Occupational Environmental, Safety, and Health Concepts

EVT 254 Industrial Safety and Emergency Response

EVT 255 Solid and Hazardous Waste

EVT 257 Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Systems

EVT 260 Air Pollution Control Systems

EVT 261 Special Topics in EVT


FOR 156 Timber Cruising and Marketing

FOR 210 Forest Utilization and Care


GEO 102 World Geography

Health Information Management

HIM 103 Introduction to Health Information and Coding

HIM 104 Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Record Coding

HIM 105 Medical Office Communication and Practices

HIM 110 Health Information Science I

HIM 115 Medical Records and the Law

HIM 130 Billing and Reimbursement

HIM 135 Medical Pathology

HIM 137 Pharmacology for Coders

HIM 140 Current Procedural Terminology

HIM 150 Coding Practicum I

HIM 216 Coding and Classification I

HIM 228 Coding Seminar

HIM 266 Computers in Health Care


HIS 101 Western Civilization to 1689

HIS 102 Western Civilization Post 1689

HIS 105 World History II

HIS 115 African American History

HIS 201 American History: Discovery to 1877

HIS 202 American History: 1877 to Present


HRT 103 Native Plant Identification


HSS 110 History of Ideas

HSS 299 Special Topics in Humanities

Human Services

HUS 101 Introduction to Human Services

HUS 112 Services for the Elderly

HUS 150 Supervised Field Placement I

HUS 151 Supervised Field Placement II

HUS 205 Gerontology

HUS 206 Death and Dying

HUS 208 Alcohol and Drug Abuse

HUS 209 Case Management

HUS 212 Survey of Disabilities and Disorders

HUS 216 Behavior Change Techniques

HUS 221 Professional Ethics in Human Services Practice

HUS 225 Personal/Interpersonal Adjustment

HUS 230 Interviewing Techniques

HUS 235 Group Dynamics

HUS 237 Crisis Intervention

HUS 250 Supervised Field Placement I

HUS 251 Supervised Field Placement II

HUS 260 Human Services Special Topics

Industrial Maintenance Technology (Mechatronics)

IMT 104 Schematics

IMT 110 Industrial Instrumentation

IMT 121 Drive Systems

IMT 126 Introduction to Mechanical Installation

IMT 131 Hydraulics and Pneumatics

IMT 151 Piping Systems

IMT 161 Mechanical Power Applications

IMT 202 Electrical Troubleshooting

IMT 203 Mechanical Troubleshooting

IMT 210 Industrial Skills I

IMT 211 Industrial Skills II

IMT 214 Industrial Wiring


IST 201 Cisco Internetworking Concepts

IST 202 Cisco Router Configuration

IST 203 Advanced Cisco Router Configuration

IST 204 Cisco Troubleshooting

IST 209 Cisco Fundamentals of Wireless LANs

IST 215 Health Information Networking

IST 220 Data Communications

IST 222 Introduction to Webpage Production

IST 226 Internet Programming

IST 235 Handheld Computer Programming

IST 237 Intermediate Website Design

IST 245 Local Area Networks

IST 253 LAN Service and Support

IST 272 Relational Database

IST 281 Presentation Graphics

IST 290 Special Topics in Information Science

IST 291 Fundamentals of Network Security I


IDS 201 Leadership Development

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

LEG 120 Torts

LEG 132 Legal Bibliography

LEG 135 Introduction to Law and Ethics

LEG 201 Civil Litigation I

LEG 212 Workers' Compensation

LEG 213 Family Law

LEG 214 Property Law

LEG 230 Legal Writing

LEG 232 Law Office Management

LEG 233 Wills, Trusts, and Probate

LEG 250 Internship for Legal Assistant/Paralegal


MAT 031 Developmental Mathematics Basics

MAT 032 Developmental Mathematics

MAT 101 Beginning Algebra

MAT 102 Intermediate Algebra

MAT 110 College Algebra

MAT 111 College Trigonometry

MAT 120 Probability and Statistics

MAT 140 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I

MAT 141 Analytical Geometry and Calculus II

MAT 155 Contemporary Mathematics

MAT 180 Problem Solving Lab


MGT 101 Principles of Management

MGT 121 Small Business Operations

MGT 150 Fundamentals of Supervision

MGT 201 Human Resource Management

MGT 240 Management Decision Making


MKT 101 Marketing

Massage Therapy

MTH 120 Introduction to Massage

MTH 121 Principles of Massage I

MTH 122 Principles of Massage II

MTH 123 Massage Clinical I

MTH 124 Massage Business Applications

MTH 126 Pathology for Massage Therapy

MTH 127 Principles of Massage III

MTH 128 Clinical Applications of Massage Therapy

MTH 136 Kinesiology for Massage Therapy

MTH 137 Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapy I

MTH 138 Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapy II

MTH 139 Anatomy and Physiology for Massage Therapy III

MTH 141 Pharmacology for Massage Therapy

Machine Tool Technology

MTT 101 Introduction to Machine Tool

MTT 121 Machine Tool Theory I

MTT 122 Machine Tool Practice I

MTT 123 Machine Tool Theory II

MTT 124 Machine Tool Practice II

MTT 248 Manual Programming and Operations

MTT 252 CNC Setup and Operations

MTT 253 CNC Programming and Operations

MTT 254 CNC Programming I

MTT 255 CNC Programming II

MTT 258 Machine Tool CAM

MTT 285 NIMS Level I Capstone

Medical Assisting

MED 103 Medical Assisting Introduction

MED 105 Medical Assisting Office Skills I

MED 107 Medical Office Management

MED 108 Common Diseases of the Medical Office

MED 112 Medical Assisting Pharmacology

MED 114 Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures

MED 115 Medical Office Lab Procedures I

MED 156 Clinical Experience I


MUS 101 Chorus I

MUS 105 Music Appreciation

MUS 106 Introduction to Guitar

MUS 110 Music Fundamentals

Natural Resources Management

NRM 101 Soil Management

NRM 102 Introduction to the Natural Resources Management Profession

NRM 130 Outdoor Recreation Management

NRM 131 Natural Resources Equipment Repair and Maintenance

NRM 151 Vertebrate Natural History

NRM 205 Global Positioning Systems I (GPS)

NRM 207 Geographic Information Systems I (GIS)

NRM 230 Wildlife Management I

NRM 231 Habitat Assessment and Applications

NRM 235 Techniques Wildlife Management

NRM 251 Introduction to Fishery Science

NRM 260 Special Topics


NUR 101 Fundamentals of Nursing

NUR 106 Pharmacologic Basics in Nursing Practice

NUR 120 Basic Nursing Concepts

NUR 201 Transition Nursing

NUR 210 Complex Health Problems

NUR 214 Mental Health Nursing

NUR 217 Trends and Issues in Nursing

NUR 220 Family Centered Nursing

NUR 221 Advanced Nursing Concepts

Pharmacy Technician

PHM 101 Introduction to Pharmacy

PHM 110 Pharmacy Practice

PHM 113 Pharmacy Technician Math

PHM 114 Therapeutic Agents I

PHM 118 Pharmacy Seminar

PHM 124 Therapeutic Agents II

PHM 152 Pharmacy Technician Practicum I

PHM 164 Pharmacy Technician Practicum II


PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy

PHI 110 Ethics

Practical Nursing

PNR 110 Fundamentals of Nursing

PNR 122 Pharmacology

PNR 128 Medical/Surgical Nursing I

PNR 138 Medical/Surgical Nursing II

PNR 155 Maternal/Infant/Child Nursing

PNR 182 Special Topics in Practical Nursing

Political Science

PSC 201 American Government

PSC 215 State and Local Government


PSY 201 General Psychology

PSY 203 Human Growth and Development

PSY 208 Human Sexuality

PSY 212 Abnormal Psychology


QAT 103 Quality Management


RDG 032 Developmental Reading


REL 101 Introduction to Religion

School Age Care

SAC 101 Best Practices in School-Age Care


SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 206 Social Psychology

SOC 210 Juvenile Delinquency


SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I

SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II

SPA 105 Conversational Spanish


SPC 205 Public Speaking

SPC 210 Oral Interpretation of Literature

Surgical Technology

SUR 101 Introduction to Surgical Technology

SUR 102 Applied Surgical Technology

SUR 104 Surgical Procedures II

SUR 105 Surgical Procedures III

SUR 110 Intro to Surgical Procedures

SUR 111 Basic Surgical Practicum

SUR 120 Surgical Seminar

SUR 126 Principles of Surgical Pharmacology


THE 101 Introduction to Theatre

THE 105 Fundamentals of Acting


WLD 103 Print Reading I

WLD 106 Gases and Arc Welding

WLD 109 Gas Metal Arc Welding II

WLD 111 Welding I

WLD 113 Arc Welding II

WLD 116 Welding

WLD 117 Specialized Arc Welding

WLD 130 Welding Fundamentals

WLD 132 Inert Gas Welding Ferrous

WLD 142 Maintenance Welding

WLD 152 Tungsten Arc Welding - Pipe

WLD 154 Pipe Fitting and Welding

WLD 160 Fabrication Welding

WLD 170 Qualification Welding

WLD 172 Print Reading and Sketching for Pipe Welding

WLD 208 Advanced Pipe Welding

WLD 222 Advanced Fabrication Welding

WLD 225 Arc Pipe Welding I

WLD 228 Inert Gas Welding - Pipe I

WLD 231 Gas Metal Arc/Flux Cored Arc Welding Pipe I

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