BIO 205 Ecology

BIO 206 Ecology Lab

COL 103 College Skills

CPT 101 Introduction to Computers

ENG 101 English Composition I

ENG 165 Professional Communications

EVT 102 Basic Water Treatment

EVT 103 Basic Water Distribution

EVT 108 Basic Physical Chemical Wastewater

EVT 109 Basic Biological Wastewater

EVT 110 Introduction to Treatment Facilities

EVT 201 Environmental Science

EVT 206 Introduction to Environmental Compliance

EVT 220 Environmental Biology II

EVT 225 Best Management Practices (BMP) Applications

EVT 251 Health Effects/Hazardous Materials

EVT 253 Occupational Environmental, Safety, and Health Concepts

EVT 254 Industrial Safety and Emergency Response

EVT 255 Solid and Hazardous Waste

EVT 257 Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Systems

EVT 260 Air Pollution Control Systems

EVT 261 Special Topics in EVT

MAT 110 College Algebra

MAT 155 Contemporary Mathematics

SPC 205 Public Speaking

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