Progression Standards-After Program Entry

Failure to meet progression standards results in suspension from the program. After admission, students:

  • Must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA on program curriculum courses in order to progress.
  • Must earn a minimum of a "C" or higher in each required program curriculum course. Based on availability of space, students may retake program curriculum courses completed with less than a "C" one time only.
  • Must successfully complete all components of a nursing program course (theory, clinical, drug calculation proficiency, and pharmacology proficiency tests) in order to pass the course. Students who fail to complete a component will receive a grade of "F" for the course regardless of the time in the semester and are not eligible to receive a "W" or "WA" through the withdrawal process.
  • Must complete all course requirements within three years of the starting date of the first nursing course (NUR101/NUR106).
  • Are limited to two attempts at successful completion of any nursing program curriculum course. A grade of "F" or a withdrawal ("W" or "WA") in a nursing program curriculum course will count as one attempt to complete the program and result in suspension from the program.
  • Students must maintain current CPR (Health Care Provider) and annual tuberculin skin test (PPD). Online CPR (Health Care Provider) certification/recertification will not be accepted.

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Date/Time Published:5/22/2015 17:38