Public Relations Guidelines

What we do:

  • All outbound communications for the college
  • Media Relations
  • Advertising/Social Media
  • Print Materials
  • CCTC Website (not myCCTC)
  • Plasmas
  • Business Cards/Office and Directional Signage
  • Marquee
  • This Week Newsletter
  • Boulevard Banners
  • Event Photography
  • Various Events


Email all requests to It is not necessary to cc individual PR employees on your request.

  • Public Relations prefers a 30-day notice on all project requests. Depending upon the project, two weeks is sometimes acceptable.
  • When submitting a job request to PR, please include all items needed in the body of the email. Below is an example:
    We would like PR to help us promote Festivus Day on:
    • Plasmas 
    • This Week
    • Facebook
    Please use the following information:
    • Festivus Day
    • Bldg. M400, Rm. M401
    • 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
    •  Enjoy games, food and contests
    • For more information, contact John Doe at or 803-999-0000
    • Any other info you would like included can be placed in this bulleted list

Please print 1 copy of each of the attached posters.

Also, please proof the attached flyer and let us know if it’s approved to email and post on campus. 

  • When requesting direct mail (postcards), be aware that we must allow two weeks for design and production and at least a week and a half for the printing/proofing/mailing process.
  • When providing mailing lists to Public Relations, please provide “clean” spreadsheets that include ONLY names, addresses and zip codes.
  • When providing revisions to Public Relations, please collect revisions from all parties involved in the proofing process and place in one email or on one hard copy document to Public Relations. If providing a hard copy, please clearly indicate revisions in red.
  • When creating a project for you, Public Relations will send you proofs of the final product. If you make changes, we will send you a revised proof. We will not send the project to the printer until we have final approval from you. Please make sure that you proof everything carefully before giving your final approval. If we send a project to a printer that has errors, the printer may charge the college additional fees.


Business Cards:

If you need business cards, please fill out the form at the following link and click on send:



Flyers for “Student Life” events are the only printed items an individual department may produce themselves. Any flyer promoting a program, seminar, workshop, etc. targeted to an “outside” audience must be designed and produced by Public Relations.

  • If you produce a “Student Life” flyer, it must be emailed to Public Relations for approval/revisions before printing or posting.
  • Your Student Life flyer should include:
    • Date, time and location of event and event name
    • What’s happening or being offered at the event
    • Contact information if someone has questions about the event (phone number and email address)
    • Your club or organization’s logo. If you do not have a logo, please use a CCTC logo (if you don’t have one, PR can provide)
    • The college’s disclaimer should be placed at the bottom of your flyer in very small type (Central Carolina Technical College does not discriminate in employment or admissions on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, age, religion, disability, or any other protected class.)

Displaying flyers and posters on campus:

It is the official policy of Public Relations to refrain from displaying posters on campus walls, doors and bulletin boards. CCTC purchased plasmas to eliminate “poster clutter”. When placed on bulletin boards, posters occupy an overwhelming amount of space. This prevents others from utilizing much needed bulletin board space to promote events, programs, etc. Placing posters on walls creates damage to paint and promotes clutter along hallways. Flyers may be placed on bulletin boards or in document holders next to offices, but not adhered directly to walls or doors. If posters are in frames that are then mounted appropriately on classroom or office walls, that is acceptable, however, framed posters should not be mounted in hallways without prior approval from Public Relations.

Thanks for helping ensure that CCTC campuses remain attractive, orderly and uncluttered.



If Public Relations designs a logo for your club, program or group, or if we provide you with a college logo, we may send you a variety of formatted files. Please follow the guidelines below when sending or using those files:

  1. jpeg – in house use ONLY (Microsoft Office programs and web). Please never send jpeg to outside vendors. It does not produce a quality enlargement.
  2. png – in house use ONLY (Microsoft Office programs and web). Please never send png to outside vendors. It does not produce a quality enlargement.
  3. pdf – this is a high resolution pdf and should be used for outside vendors requiring a vector file.
  4. eps – this is a high resolution file and should be used for outside vendors requiring a vector file. You will likely NOT be able to open it, but vendors will.


Submitting website edits or requests:

  • Email all edits/revisions to
  • Use the subject line: WEBSITE REVISIONS
  • Provide the page link along with your requested revisions
  • Before requesting revisions, confirm that your edits are indeed correct and approved by your supervisor
  • When requesting revisions, be specific. We cannot make revisions if you do not provide us with the link and the specific text you would like added, deleted or changed.


Website accessibility

  • Any document that is posted on our website should be created as accessible to accommodate people with disabilities. Please confirm your documents are indeed accessible before providing to Public Relations. Click on the link below for instructions on how to check a document for accessibility.

How to perform a Word 2016 Accessibility Check

Accessibility Checklist for Word 2016



  • When approached by any member of the media regarding Central Carolina Technical College newsworthy information, please refer them to the Public Relations Office. You may provide them with PR’s phone number, 803-778-6602, or email address, Please do not contact the media directly if you believe you have a newsworthy story. Instead, contact Public Relations.


* Public Relations’ workflow varies. When we have a heavy workflow, we will do our best to meet your deadline, however, during particularly busy times, it may not be possible to accommodate quick turnarounds. Thank you for planning ahead and giving us a 30 day notice for significant projects and two weeks for less time consuming requests.