Career Services

The ability of Central Carolina Technical College graduates to enter and hold related employment is one of the most important indicators of the college's success. To help facilitate the transition of students and graduates from the classroom into the world of work, Central Carolina's Career Services is active on several fronts:

  • We maintain connections between the college and local businesses and industries
  • We provide services and workshops that address realistic job market issues
  • We provide job related counseling that effectively enables students to prepare resumes, complete job applications, conduct meaningful job searches, interview for employment and understand employment responsibilities
  • We provide information about full-time, part-time, summer and seasonal employment opportunities as well as internships

For more information visit the Career Services Center:
Location: Bldg. M100, Room M101
Phone: 803-778-6600   Fax: 803-778-7866

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Date/Time Published:5/21/2015 17:20