Academic Program Managers

 Castleberry, Joshua(803) 778-6601
Environmental and Natural Resources - Department Chair
 Dinkins, Pam(803) 778-7802
Early Care and Education-Academic Program Manager
 Hall, Christopher(803) 778-7827
Criminal Justice Technology-Academic Program Manager
 Hancock, Bert(803) 778-6679
Mechatronics-Academic Program Manager
 Humphries, Ladell(803) 778-7814
Machine Tool-Academic Program Manager
 Jackson, Brent(803) 778-7857
Massage Therapy-Academic Program Manager
 Johnson, Gary(803) 778-7875
Paralegal-Academic Program Manager
 Johnson, Mary(803) 778-6677
Medical Record Coding-Academic Program Manager
 McFarland, Melissa(803) 778-6667
English-Department Chair/Associate in Arts-Academic Program Manager
 Moore, David(803) 778-6674
Automotive Mechanics-Academic Program Manager
 Nelligan, Lisa(803) 778-7823
Human Services-Academic Program Manager
 Reis, Axel(803) 778-7863
Welding-Academic Program Manager
 Tisdel, Jason E.(803) 774-3351
Mathematics-Department Chair/Associate in Science-Academic Program Manager
 Tuders, David C.(803) 778-6678
Engineering Graphics-Academic Program Manager
 Watkins, Chris(803) 778-7886
HVAC-Academic Program Manager
 Weber, Brie(803) 778-7811
Surgical Technology-Academic Program Manager
 Wheeler, Mickey(803) 778-7809
Medical Assisting-Academic Program Manager

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