Major in Criminal Justice Technology (CRJS) - Associate Degree in Applied Science

63/64 Semester Hours

The Criminal Justice Technology Associate Degree in Applied Science program seeks to develop an understanding of the causes and the prevention of crime, impacts of human behavior, the legal system, and the organization and conduct of criminal justice functions. The curriculum provides essential knowledge of the functions and prevalent problems of criminal justice agencies and the organizational, legal, and social context within which they operate. The program meets the needs of in-service students who seek to improve their professional qualifications and of those students who are preparing for employment with criminal justice agencies.
Career opportunities include employment with municipal, county, and state law enforcement agencies and court systems; industrial/retail security; social service agencies; juvenile justice; and correctional agencies. In addition, Central Carolina Criminal Justice Technology courses may be used for recertification credit with the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. Once admitted, students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in each major course.
This program is offered during the day, evening, and through distance education.

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Date/Time Published:5/25/2015 17:13