CCTC Nurses Programs Pins 51 New Nurses

The Central Carolina Technical College nursing program pinned 51 new nurses Thursday morning, May 8 in a pinning ceremony at the Sumter Opera House. The nurses’ pinning ceremony traces its roots back more than 130 years to Florence Nightingale. Since the early days of Nightingale’s “Training School for Nurses,” it has been tradition for new nursing graduates to be pinned upon their successful graduation.

Members of this year’s associate degree nursing class are in alphabetical order: Caitlan E. Alsbrook, Jennifer P. Altomare, Pamela A. Anderson, Amber N. Ard, Douglas W. Baker, Estrella W. Baxter, Mandy L. Boatright, Shantoria T. Brown, Crystal L. Caudill, Crystal M. Davis, Tiffany A. Dixon, Melissa H. Donahue, James L. Eidson, Michelle D. Ezzelle, Kelleigh P. Flaherty, DeRell L. Ford, Shane A. Fuller, Ryan S. Green, III, Jennifer B. Hall, Frances A. Hallman, Crystal L. Hatfield, Ashley N. Hylton, Bettina L. Johnson, Caitlin M. Kelly, Ashley W. Laird, Lauren R. LaRoque, Jessi L. Lawrence, Jesse L. Madaris, Dustin T. Mathis, Angela M. Matute, Megan E. McDaniel, Melissa C. McIntyre, Melba T. Parkin, Paula L. Pierre-Louis, Mary Ellen E. Powell, Tracy J. Price, Michael Privette, Tamara A. Reed, Kurtis W. Rodine, Karen P. Smith, Tracellar L. Smith, Sheila R. South, Miranda Spader, Stephanie M. Springfield, Samantha L. Steele, Tiffany C. Steward, Roslin D. Strong, Kristen N. Sublette, Melissa D. Thompson, Laverne V. Wilds, Joseph L. Young, Jr.


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Date/Time Published:10/9/2014 2:08